24 June 2009

White Snake

Finally. I apologize about the laps in art-related posts.. Although, yesterdays post could be considered culinary art. This piece actually did take me two days to make. I introduce White Snake:

About 22 - 25 inches.

The beads include white and clear glass beads, 12 fresh water pearls, clear, white and off white seed beads, and stirling chandelier globes.

As you can see, there are 5 strands of various lengths.

Stirling chandelier globes pictured here.

Of course, the necklace's namesake.
White Snake boasts a brass-colored snake-shaped toggle clasp.

White Snake is now available on Etsy, for $75.


Ruth said...

I think I just overfed your fish. They might grow too fat for the screen.

Jannalyn Bailey said...

haha, no i feed them all the time. it cracks me up how they actually come and eat it. when i had fish when i was little, i would feed them, but they would just ignore it!