30 August 2010

Grad Student Wish List

This blog is starting to, and will continue following me in grad school, so I think it only appropriate that I have an on-going wish list for any one who wishes to donate to this poor art student.

wool sweaters/cardigans (for getting messing in in the studio)
slipper socks/slippers
Vive paper towels
paint brushes, any size
canvas drop cloth ( I have enough stretched canvases for now)
candy bars
Nature Valley granola bars :)
gift cards for coffee
large quantities of white (or any primary color) acrylic or latex paint

This will remain a button on the blog, so it can be accessed easily at any time.
Thanks in advance for any donations!!! :)

29 August 2010


The opening of M3LT was on Friday, from 5-9. It was a really nice show... as you'll see people got very creative with art work about food.

My Morandi installation, 12 paintings all together.

Amy Kitzinger's beautiful peppers, big pepper and baby pepper.

Maybe my favorite.

Pencil drawings of meat by Mel Springer.

Lauren and Steph being friendly.

Amy with her peppers.

We were next to each other :)

permanent work in the gallery...I think it's great.

Yummy wine

It was a lovely evening...Thank you Meg!

28 August 2010

PAFA Move In!!

I moved into my studio on Tuesday, August 24th. My studio is on the 6th floor, the print-making floor. While it's not the floor I was wishing for (I was hoping to be neighbors with undergrad friend, Lauren) I love my studio.

This is the elevator landing, complete with an old print-making apparatus. I am not a print-maker historian, so I have no clue what it's really called!

Window view in the elevator landing.

I basically live next door to the school store...and let me tell you, this isn't your middle school school store! It's a freakin' tease.

My hallway :) Undergraduate lockers on the left, and on the right my studio, my neighbor (Marek) and then the freight elevator....move in was so easy! I loaded up my dolly pushed it onto the freight, went up 6 stories, pushed it off the freight and I was at my door!

This is the view at the windows at the other end of the hall...At least they are beautiful buildings to look at. The lower building is part of PAFA; it's called the Historic Landmark Building (HLB).

Interior of studio, right after I dumped my stuff...I guess I had a chance to assemble my table as well.

Another interior shot from the other end, entrance is now to the left. That big pole on the right, yeah, those are literally in every studio. Mine isn't that bad.

Shelf assembled (pain in the ass) and unpacked. The brown bookcase is about 7 feet tall, so you can have an idea of the hight of the walls.

Studios are open air, so there is no music or super smelly things (aerosol cans) allowed.

Lauren for scale :)
Studios come with 4 spot lights...it's kind of obnoxious lighting because it's so concentrated; it's just a spot of light. I am still waiting for my 4th, as I only had three on move-in day. I don't think the incandescent light will get to me, but if it does, I can paint at the window down the hall.

Over all, I am comfortable in my new space. I am really thankful for being accepted, and I really love having my own creating space. It's amazing to have a place where I don't have to be careful. Yes, I already got both black and white paint on the floor. The black didn't clean up so well.

Look for photos from the M3LT opening tomorrow!!

27 August 2010

First week of school

The first week of school has been a whirl wind. I am exhausted from sitting on the train for 2 hours every day (thank god I don't drive down there). I am at a loss as to where to start with my new and exciting body of grad school work. My studio (number 621, by the way) is full of my creating things...canvases, sewing machine, fabric, paints, etc. My furniture has all been assembled; work table, book case, couch (of course I have a couch). I'll be sure to put up some pictures as soon as I get a minute. Probably on Sunday.
My critics are Jan Baltzell, Katherine Bradford and Bill Scott. I feel look forward to getting them in my studio... I have class two days a week: drawing with Michael Moore on Tuesday at 8:30, and Seminar with Kate Moran on Wednesday at 1:00. Google any one of these names...they are all practicing artists in or around Philly.
I am also preparing for my first group show in Philly. It's on Chestnut Street at the Jams Oliver Gallery, and the show is entitled M3LT! All of the submissions are images of food! Yes, my Morandi apples are in it!!!!
I have to run to catch a train (god, I love saying that!) so until next time!

24 August 2010

Phillies and cocktails

the score in the martini

Yes, I drink Brandy Alexanders. My mother turned me onto them.

Phills win :)

We love you guys...

23 August 2010

holy crap, orientation. good lord, grad school.

My first flower, from seed....finally.

isn't my one morning glory beautiful?

22 August 2010

Date Night with Pesto, Beer and PB Cookies

Harpoon's Un-Filtered Offering :)

Delicious beers

Delicious dinner

Michael makes peanut butter cookies

Morey wants to know where his is...

21 August 2010

Happy Birthday, Baby Sister

Happy 19 years, little one

Jana and Serena, in Martha's Vineyard, circa 1993 (?)

Serena graduate's High School, 2010

1st photo via Ruth Writes

15 August 2010

August 5th, Andrew Bird at the Guggenheim NYC

off to andrew bird :)

nasty, noisy, dangerous Lincoln Tunnel (NY sucks)

Andrew spectators

Sound Garden

The man himself

swirling sound

Over all, the music was great, and I always love date night with Michael. On the down side, we had to drive through Manhattan, possibly the worst place in the world, and I ended up with a nasty blister, because we didn't realize a "bit to eat" would be a 10-block round trip. The blister made the standing-only concert really uncomfortable, but like I said, Andrew's concerts are so one-of-a-kind, it was almost worth it.
And, now I can say I've been to the Guggenheim.

07 August 2010

White, from 8/5/10

Break off my crown, inside your living room
4 x 6 inches
artist stretched canvas, plexiglas, mirror,
magnolia twig, acrylic and latex paint

Careful What You Wish For
1 x 1 inch
stretch artist canvas, plaster cast (artist left ring finger), latex paint

I have been steadily moving away from both intentional painting with a brush, and the use of a wide range of color. I have become more inclined to dip things in paint and let them dry to a canvas, or apply "ready-made" things (even things I've made in the past) to canvases. I feel the need to make seemingly clean, pure looking paintings...I'm not sure what it means yet, but I think I want simple things in my life. Simple yet intriguing. Still, I am not opposed to using lots of color if I feel like it would work. Nor am I opposed to using the things I put on the canvas to trigger a response.

Using color sparingly makes it feel more important to me. Of course the meaning or association of the one color I usually pick tends to convey intense, varying emotions. The color is red; no surprise there. I don't think my intention is to make it feel violent or passionate, but I think I am drawn to the contrast of red and white - it's like black and white to me. But black and white feels contrived or too starch. Maybe I should try a black and white painting... By the way, I don't really like pink. I think.

I am also coming back to small. Miniature environments. I know it's because of my current work space, but we'll see what happens upon my move in at PAFA. I think my more recent paintings (since Arcadia) have been growing more environment-like, similar to drawings and creations I would make when I was a child. The use of minimal applied objects, and the lack of color (specifically in "my crown") really lets my imagination run wild, connecting dots that may or may not be there. Thinking about "my crown" now, there is only one white thing on the painting; the magnolia branch. The mirror has potential to pick up light and color and facial features, and the plexiglas is clear, letting us see the white paint that adheres it to the canvas. So is it the white I like? Or the bizarre and somewhat opposite quality of the pair (mirror versus plexiglas)?

My decision on where to place the objects in "my crown" came with a few more considerations. I moved things around a little more than "Wish". I think in "Wish" I intended the two to be shown together and for them to converse with each other. While in "my crown" I came to the composition after a lot of rearranging. I stacked both vertically on the canvas (magnolia above plexiglas) and literally stacked on top of one another (mirror tucked behind magnolia). I think I did this in reference to and alter of some sort, or a fire place, or some other central vertical structor. Oh, and I love that all the paintings have elements of broken cross sections (the edge of the fingers, and the magnolia branch sticking out), and that the viewer can very easily see both. While all three paintings are somewhat simple, they don't lack detail. At all.

Lastly, I honestly don't like reading about other peoples work, and I almost feel like a fake putting all these reflections out there. I guess I am just practicing being in the art world again, which of course is being a Jedi Master Bullshitter.