27 March 2011

972 1/2 Randolph Street

hey folks...I am going to do my best to stay on top of things this week. But, I'm moving on Saturday!!! :)
It's an early surprise, as I wasn't planning on this move until August, but it couldn't be more welcome. Michael, Morey and I are moving to a 3 bedroom half row house on Randolph St. in Philadelphia! It's going to cut both of our commutes way down - Michael's from almost 600 miles a week to 140. Anyway, I'm super syked to be packing and thinking about room arrangements and wall colors :)

These are a few progression paintings from last week. I'll do my best to stay on task in the 621 this week, but it's gonna be hard. House on the brain.

16 March 2011

making things

small scale sculpture at the work table....

seed, avocado, gold sparkles

sterling, mirror, glass, bone, lady bug

pod, sterling

sterling, wooden q tip, bone

frame, wasp nest, gold sparkles, felt, rubber, chiffon

* * *


* * *

wooden q tip, bone, hair

under glass

13 March 2011

Thursday: Rachel Ray's Mac & Cheese with Winter Pesto

If there is one thing I love, it is a GREAT MAC & CHEESE!!!

Fontina and muenster cheese grated for the cheese sauce

I took it upon myself to add sauteed vidalia onion and baby shiitake mushrooms :) ~Delish!

(damn blogger wont recognize that I've already rotated this picture, sorry)

This pesto has parsley, basil, and arugula!

...Oh my god, SO good.

pre cooked:
...And of course, the spicy, crunchy version for the man

* * *

By the way, she bloomed the very next day.

Dill-themed Wednesday dinner

Basmati rice cooked with butter, chicken broth, shallots (I finally found these at my local Japanese grocery store), sauteed mushrooms, dill, turmeric, fresh minced garlic, salt and white pepper. Maybe more stuff, but the spices were flying and the creative juices were flowing, so I may have forgotten something.

Outrageously good.

Delicious dill dressing: fresh dill, shallots, white wine vinegar, fresh lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper Seriously, so good.

sorry the lighting is so poor....I've learned that I need to take the final picture back at the stove where everything else is photographed.

Soup: roasted red pepper and tomato soup, topped with mozzarella and chives (not home made but so so so sooooo good...Costco, if you're interested.)
Salad: spinach, red bell pepper, grape tomatoes [halved], chives, topped with dill dressing from above
Basmati mushroom rice {see TOP}
Salmon: baked with butter, lemon juice, fresh garlic, sliced shallots and dill!

This dinner was so good. I don't like tooting my own horn, and I don't say this very often about my cooking, but damn! I'm good!!

Fresh strawberry muffins :)

11 March 2011

forcing spring time (tuesday of spring break)

my mini orchid on her way to blooming again, for the second time since last year :)

succulents to be transplanted

stones and charcoal layer

dirty, dirt, dirt, dirt!

and there! new succulent garden :)