10 March 2011

monday: fancying white fish

Stuffed flounder & honey-seared asparagus
{with left over garlic mash potatoes}

notice they are baby spears...they were so tender

ok, I hate flounder (or any boring white fish for that matter)... so I dressed it up the best I could.

I picked up two lobster cakes at Weis (only a $1.29 each!) and used them as the base for the stuffing. I mixed the lobster crumbles with chopped spinach, finely chopped red and green bell pepper, vidalia onion, parmesan cheese, bread crumbs and some seasonings that ended up being way too spicy for me. But Michael loved them : )

Over-stuffed the makeshift fish "cups"...I used lots of toothpicks! baked at 375 for about 15 minutes.

Super cheap, fast and easy!


the Music of the Night said...

i do not like fish, however, that looks and sounds fantastic!

Jana Bailey said...

you dont like fish?!?!?!!!! try this. seriously.

the Music of the Night said...

not really.. Thoug my mom can't cook it... every time it has come out like shoe leather hahaha