04 February 2013

.::happy 2013::.

// Things I've been doing \\
recent & not-so-recent

group show in Delaware

 finger knitting necklaces

Anthropologie garment release

things I'm moving onto:

  • more pattern making
  • drawing new things
  • starting my paper white bulbs - Spring is coming!!
  • making new fabric sculptures (see below)
  • moving (as in permanently changing houses) and therefore packing
  • brainstorming (and agreeing with boyfriend on) realistic summer vacation
  • restarting my regular yoga practice
  • getting an art-related job
  • reading How To Be A Woman by Caitlin Moran - I highly recommend 

New Panty Series 

lacy pants

 mini picnic thong


Garment 1 - private parts not included