27 January 2010

Today, it was announced that Judith Taylor, photography professor at Arcadia University,
passed away due to complications from swine flu.

Rest in peace, Judy.

26 January 2010

25 January 2010

Morey, Outside

The weather was so nice last week. Wishing for summer.

23 January 2010

It's a new year

Among many things that I am just doing (instead of resolving to do) I am going to get into grad school. If I don't, I am not really prepared to have that much time on my hands

This is a new painting I did recently. I call it The Egg Balloon.

I am also running a 5K in March. Here's to day five at the gym....
Happy Saturday, everyone!

21 January 2010

Welcome Kirstin!!

I have the privilege, nay, the honor of welcoming Kristin to The Art Process this morning!
Make yourself at home, and feel free to speak up whenever you want! :)

Kristin DiBartolo is the proud owner of the 'baby' blog Curious Designs. She is a wonderfully creative and original artist with a degree in Graphic Design. She also has a budding Etsy store, which I can't wait to see filled with her creations. Oh, and maybe most importantly, she is an old friend. We were college roommates, showed thesis together (actually right next to each other), and graduated together. So go visit her blog, become a follower, shop her Etsy. I promise, she won't disappoint.

I managed to find the one photo I have of some of her thesis. You can also see her work on Coroflot. Become a fan of her on facebook...she has an extremely impressive fan page. I am actually pretty jealous of it.

18 January 2010

New Shoes and Plants

I have a tomato vine that I am interested in painting. I think it might be very beautiful. I could do it impressionistically or realistically. I think I'll do it both ways.

New shoes are here! Mom got me black patten leather Danskos for my birthday!! :) I think the coolest part is that they are a size 38 - that is a size 7 for you silly Americans ;)
I have been waiting for them for weeks, and they finally arrived this morning, as Michael and I were leaving for a sushi lunch. While I am on the subject, I filled out an application for an additional job at Osaka! Can you imagine?! Working at a s sushi restaurant!? Heaven. The boy who took my application said they get free sushi every Sunday. And of course, the Danskos could go with me :)

I spent some lovely time with my plants today. I have to say I really enjoyed it. Can you imagine being a plant? I think it would be so lovely and peaceful. Boring, but wonderful.
I have been trying to nurse my orchids back to life. I got one from my parents when they came to see my thesis show last April. The other was from Michael, either for my birthday or Valentine's Day last year. So blah, blah, blah, I nearly killed both of them. Nearly. They are both doing well now. I am working on raising a basil plant now. I bought it at the grocery store a before Christmas...I can't say how much I miss Produce Junction! I don't live need it any more, and thus never get plants or flowers anymore.

I made 3 more terrariums today :) I don't know why, but I love them! I think it's something about my interest in invented or imagined miniature environment. What do I love even more than terrariums? Miniature terrariums!! I am considering ways to make miniature animals, or mushrooms to live in them.

Plant table, where they sun themselves all day.

Work table in the studio.

More are coming :) :) :)
I am obsessed with Devendra's new album. This is my favorite song.

16 January 2010

I promise to be better...

The whole point of this blog in the beginning was to create daily. Now, while I haven't been blogging regularly - at all - in the past 2 or 3 months, I have been busy.
The dinning room was temporarily converted into Santa's Work Shop. I made money folds for all the girls at work, and for my Secret Santa, Jes.

Second Owl Pillow for Ruthie (First was for Jes')

and an unforgivably awful image of cat nip toys I made for the CT kitties:

They remind me of Carol's "Binks"

And how awesome is this?!?!?! Rhianne is such a great little blogger with a very impressive following. If you don't already follow her - git on it!!!

Today was also my second day with the trainer I signed up for about a month (or more) ago. I am determined to get rid of the gut.
Hurray for working at a restaurant!
She took my measurements...everything is normal, but not attractive when in a bathing suit...or clingy dress for that matter.
I swear by June I will have one hot bod.

I will also be accept to Grad School by then :) ALL of my apps are in (except one that needs a few more photos in the portfolio). Such a stressful experience. Thank you Michael, for all your help. <3

until tomorrow!