21 January 2010

Welcome Kirstin!!

I have the privilege, nay, the honor of welcoming Kristin to The Art Process this morning!
Make yourself at home, and feel free to speak up whenever you want! :)

Kristin DiBartolo is the proud owner of the 'baby' blog Curious Designs. She is a wonderfully creative and original artist with a degree in Graphic Design. She also has a budding Etsy store, which I can't wait to see filled with her creations. Oh, and maybe most importantly, she is an old friend. We were college roommates, showed thesis together (actually right next to each other), and graduated together. So go visit her blog, become a follower, shop her Etsy. I promise, she won't disappoint.

I managed to find the one photo I have of some of her thesis. You can also see her work on Coroflot. Become a fan of her on facebook...she has an extremely impressive fan page. I am actually pretty jealous of it.

1 comment:

Curious Designs said...

You called me Kirstin. That is all. But thank you :D