28 July 2009

boycott Texaco


One Thousand Visitors

Hi guys!! I have recently reached one hundred visitors. I remember a few months ago, my counter every so slowly went up as I visited it every few weeks. I have been having a lot of fun with the blog, and I have learned that blogs can be anything. Like this fun little blog by John Tallman called Color Chunks. I encourage all of you to make some sort of blog. If you already have a blog, start posting. If I view your blog everyday, to read a new post, then congratulations! Thanks for reading, guys!!!

Packing is going very well. Thanks to old housemates leaving extra boxes in the attic.
I am very pumped about living with less.... During this move,
I am downsizing and getting rid of a bunch of stuff.
Wish me luck!!

27 July 2009


I am changing residency, so my posts this week will be few and far between... probably a little pathetic too.

My new efforts include living in the now. It's really hard.

More soon...

24 July 2009

the Morey dog

You have to look at these pictures of my ridiculous dog.
He really gets a kick out of "sticks"

...you'll see:


And of course, Morey's ratty soccer ball....

Girl Friends & Facetted Paint

Two more for ya'll. Hope you like them!

Facetted Paint

Surgical steal ear wires. Stirling plate bead post.
Facetted jet glass beads.... though, it doesn't appear that way, does it?
These earring have 7 layers of green latex paint on them.
I dipped them over a period of a week, and this is the result.
Let me know what you think!

Comes attached to card stock with small original drawing by me.
About 2 1/2 inches in length.
Like what you see?
Click to buy.

Girl Friends

Sterling plate kidney shaped ear wires.
Stirling plate bead post. Plastic retro-looking "dotty" beads, blue glass beads (intentionally mismatched).

Comes attached to card stock with small original drawing by me.
About 2 1/2 inches in length.
They are cut and fun.
Click to buy.

Everyone take a moment and say hi to Cait. Welcome to The Art Process, Cait! I miss you. I'm glad you're with me in the blogsphere now.

Dos Mas

Here are more pairs form yesterday. And I lied. I made 8 pairs yesterday. :)

Green Bean Leaf

Surgical steal ear wires.
Korean Jade beads (greenish yellow ones), glass beads, and painted South African beads.

About 2 1/4 inches in length.

Comes attached to card stock with small original drawing by me.
Like these? They are only $10 !!
Click to buy.

Little Black Dress Approved

Surgical steal ear wires. Stirling plate bead post.
Glass bead, facetted jet glass beads, facetted Amber beads.

About 2 1/4 inches in length.

Comes attached to card stock with small original drawing by me.
Like these? GUESS WHAT? These too, are only $10!
Click to buy.

My best friend was nice enough to flaunt me on her blog too. Thanks Ruthie!! lof u :)

23 July 2009

Six Earrings

This morning, I sat down and made six sets of earrings. I will show you some...but you don't get to see them all now! : )
They are are all photographed and some are posted on Etsy already. Enjoy! (And by all means, if you see something you like, buy it!!)

Dancing Ladies

Stirling plate ear wires.
South African painted bead, seed beads, and glass disk beads with "sprinkles" :)

About 2 inches in length.

Comes attached to card stock with small original drawing by me.
These unique looking earrings are only $10!
Click to buy.

Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater

Sterling plate kidney shaped ear wires.
Korean Jade beads (greenish yellow ones), clay and glass beads, and South African beads (painted ones).

About 2 3/4 inches in length.

Comes attached to card stock with small original drawing by me.
These unique looking earrings are only $10!
Click to buy.

Tune in for more goodies tomorrow!!
Nighty night!

Missing Betsey

Wish List Continued

A studio

Betsey's studio. I miss you, Betsey.

22 July 2009

My Wish List

Hi Folks,
I have some very exciting news...I sold three paintings!!! The paintings are from the Small Cut and Sewn Series that I posted a few days ago. My wonderful professor, and ridiculously talented painter, Abbey Ryan is supporting this young aspiring artist. I believe that this is only the beginning of a wonderful career. Thanks Abbey! Please follow her blog. It is well worth it.

Here's a little sample of what you'll get to experience, almost daily!

Rainier Cherry No. 3

3 x 4 in., oil on linen on panel
click here to view eBay listing

Any way, this is very exciting and encouraging to me, and I just wanted to publicly announce it, and thank Abbey.

Partially due to this unexpected boost of happiness, and partially due to Cousin Anne's encouragement (love you, Annie!), I wanted to form a "Wish List"... if any of my loyal readers has any of these things they want me to take off their hands, let me know. And the list will grow, slowly but surely.

Jana's Wish List

Learn German

"Small" banquet table

Bookcases or shelving

A well-behaved dog

A car less than 5 years old (preferably Japanese)

Permanent home (not possible until after Grad school, but I still wish for it)

A full time job


Strength & wellness

A gallery show in Philly ( I know, I know I need to do this myself, but I still wish for it.)

Professional photos of my work

Gas (1.48/gallon)

Two kittens - boys

Good, nay, amazing tips

Goodness, the time!! Almost 1.

Kill me. Waking up for exercise and breakfast/coffee with the TonTon is gonna be brutal. But totally worth it, Ton.

Good Night, Moon.

21 July 2009

A Great Statement

Hi guys,
I wanted to share this artist with you.
I find his statement fascinating and relatable.
Tell me what you think...

Christopher Hall

Artist Statement

A. Artist Statement from 1975 – 1980
I meant to color outside of the lines.

B. Artist Statement from 1980 – 1985
That isn’t how to draw a battleship and tank.
This is how you draw a battleship and tank.

C. Artist Statement from 1985 – 1990
I like learning about history, and drawing pictures of historical events, things like Civil War battle scenes. Sailing ships and airplanes make good subjects, as does drawing from baseball cards.

D. Artist Statement from 1990 – 1994
I don’t know what I like; I know what I don’t like. Girls are cool, sometimes. I can’t wait to graduate and get out of here, but what does it matter, the world is going to blow up in a few years anyways.

E. Artist Statement from 1994 – 1998.
2 x 2 = 4

-2 x -2 = 4

F. Artist Statement from 1999 – 2005.
I paint because I haven't any choice but to. It is a strange kind of possession, something very primitive, preternatural, supernatural even, that burns through my blood. It oozes slow like lava and boils over, suddenly exploding, like a volcano. It is the occasional earthquake of the soul that has to be dealt with. Art is my way of making sense of the world; it is a catharsis. I paint because if I did not I would be a detriment to society. I'd probably burn your house down. Art allows me an outlet that safeguards me physically, mentally, and spiritually. Art allows me to explore avenues of experience that would otherwise be denied to me because of poverty, law, and the physical limits of humanity. Art is absolute freedom and absolute freedom is what I live for. I don’t want my art to reflect life, I want it to be life, always growing, unpredictable, and out of control.

G. Artist Statement from 2005 – present.
Humanity, with all its foibles, strivings, successes, and sins, is infinitely more interesting to me than anything that is polished, perfected, theoretical, or removed


Raise from the Dead
30 x 40
oil, acrylic, cardboard on canvas, 2008


In Search of A New Home

20 July 2009

Sea Berry Earrings

Daily creative requirement, fulfilled...

Blue-green sea glass and bright red facetted glass bead.
Stirling plate kidney shaped wire.
Click to buy.


Meet Aaron Lifferth. He is a a daily painter, and his work is simply to die for. I especially love Red Mountain, and Green and Yellow.


Black Plums

Red Mountain


Yellow and Green

Like what you see? Follow him yourself, here. The above paintings are only a few of my favorites, but I promise he has countless beautiful paintings. His sense of color is totally incredible.

19 July 2009

Cut and Sewn: Small Series

Hi Friends,
This is my first body of work that I completed after my thesis night in May. This small-scale body of work consists of 40 paintings, all somewhere in the vicinity of 8 x 4 inches. One belongs to my professor and fellow fibers artist, Carole Loeffler, so 39 are available. Carole is an incredible artist, and I wouldn't have come to where I am without her. View her work here. Each one was painted with a limited pallet in an acrylic latex wash. I then used my sewing machine, loaded with black thread, to create a drawing on each. Each painting is completely unique. They are all un-stretched and unframed. Here are five of the 39. If you like what you see, buy one! They are very affordable, and look wonderful in small groups.

Number 2 - Outer Soular
Click to buy.

Number 3 - Subtly in Pressure
Click to buy.

Number 9 - Significant Imposition
Click to buy.

Number 12 - The Lingerer
Click to buy.

Number 6 - Missing the Necessity
Click to buy.

17 July 2009

4th of July

I did it! I figured out how to get around the lost battery charger. But you're not interested in that. Here is a few photos of me and my friends on the 4th. Lauren, Tonya, Marci and I went into the city to see fire works at the art museum. It was a fun night.

Lauren, Marci, and Tonya

Lauren, with the flower I picked for her.

Some extremely impressive street performers.




fire working

Michael, Lauren, Tonya and I

Believe it or not, this is Sheryl Crow, giving her free concert before the fire works.