16 July 2009

BEST Summer Product

Hi Folks,
I apologize for not posting all these weeks. I have had camera problems...my battery to my usual camera is dead, and the charger has been lost for months. I charged the battery the last time I was in Connecticut, as my parents have the same camera. Recently, my way around this was transferring the memory card into my small Kodak camera that runs on normal batteries. But for some reason, this last time I tried to do this it didn't recognize half the pictures. So, this is my grand excuse.
I have been busy with work, and yes still making art, and painting my house. Since all the documentary photos are being held hostage until I get a new battery charger, I will introduce my best discovery yet.

Meet EOS; the evolution of smooth:

I have forever had difficulty getting a smooth, razor burn-free shave. Sometimes I get a good shave, as long as I hadn't shaved in a few days. But who wants that in the middle of the summer. I must have sensitive skin or something. It especially works miracles around the bikini line. With this shaving cream, you can really, really shave dry, and get a beautiful shave. When you get out of the shower, it is even like you already moisturized. The last thing I need for the perfect summer (which is half over) beach bod, is a flat belly!!

Try this shaving cream. I found it at my grocery store, and it was FIVE DOLLARS! Buy one get one though!!!! So it was a great deal. When my two bottles are gone, I will totally pay whatever outrageous cost, because it is great! I am sure it is available at CVS or Target. Try it. In the mean time, I am trying to figure out how to get my new photos up. Stay tuned, I promise to be better!

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