01 July 2009

Dear Ruth

For those of you who don't know me, growing up, I wasn't allowed to watch many mainstream movies. My grandmother recorded countless movies off of AMC, one of which was Dear Ruth. I loved Dear Ruth. It was so adorable. Why don't they make movies like they used to? Get a library card and rent/watch it.

Dear Ruth,
Thank you for your lovely post about me and my work. I couldn't ask for a better best friend. I love you, and your blog. I miss you every day. Your blog makes me feel like I am with you for a little portion of your day .... probably because I can picture you doing everything you write about.
I thought you might get a kick out of who I found when I Googled "Ruth Clark" and "Jana Bailey" - I selected each photo from the very first Facebook result:

The black and white photo is Ruth Clark, and the color photo is Jana Bailey. Yet, that'll be us alright....not. ( I hope I don't get in trouble with Facebook for publishing these pictures...)

I feel badly for not wishing my Sweet Thing, Lovey Dovey, Honey Bunches of Stinkweed a Haaaaappy Birthday.
Happy Quarter Century, Michael.

Love you

I really enjoy snooping through the treasures on 1stdibs.com. My favorite things to look at are the chandeliers, and the jewelry (specifically the rings...shhh). All of it is completely unaffordable, but there's nothing wrong with dreaming.... look at these girls, I think they are beautiful.
Enamel and diamond snake ring, David Webb
US, circa 1970
18kt gold green enamel snake ring, with a cabochon ruby head and pave-set diamond detail
Total weight of rubies approximately 1.75 carats
Total weight of diamonds approximately 0.04 carats
Finger size 6.75
Antique Gold Buckle Ring
England, circa 19th Century

David Webb Enamel Collector's Ring
US, circa 1960
Extremely rare 18k gold ring with emerald green enamel and a carved lapis frog perched atop the flat surface or the ring. A great punch of color and style. Signed David Webb.

Handmade Antique Diamond Ring in 18k Yellow Gold and Silver
circa 1910
18k Yellow Gold and Silver mounting with a 4.00ct round Diamond center, K-Vs, Old European cut.

Lime Green Enamel Diamond Ring
US, circa 1960
An 18 karat gold, pave diamond and lime green enamel ring, size 6

David Webb Pearl Ring
US, 1970's
18k yellow gold pearl ring.

18kt Gold and Diamond Bird Ring
This adorable bird ring is one of our signature pieces. It is made of 18kt gold with a diamond eye and an oval diamond center stone. It is also available in any birthstone (see additional images, price will vary with stone choice.) Designed and made in-house by Julius Cohen New York.

Arts & Crafts Pearl & Diamond Ring
US, early 20th Century
American Arts & Crafts period gold ring with 2 river pearls and 2 round diamonds.
This ring was handmade in the early 1900's

Exquisite hand crafted cushion shape solitare

4.65 J VS2 EGL certified vintage European cut diamond set in a platinum hand crafted "Single Stone" mounting.


Aren't these just stunning? I didn't mean to include engagement-looking rings, but what the hay.

I have been watching TV, sipping and Orange Dry, while compiling this record-breaking nugget of goodness. I see this commercial once in a while, and even though I don't support Walmart, this is just to die for:..the music, the dancing, the dress. Don't you wish you could be back there, without a care?

I will leave you with that, until Friday.

I am positive I will have new merchandise to show off.

Enjoy your Thursday!! I know I wont.....

PS Please feed the fish while I'm gone.

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the Music of the Night said...

that video was adorable!! and you're right.. the jewelry was stunning!!!