28 July 2009

One Thousand Visitors

Hi guys!! I have recently reached one hundred visitors. I remember a few months ago, my counter every so slowly went up as I visited it every few weeks. I have been having a lot of fun with the blog, and I have learned that blogs can be anything. Like this fun little blog by John Tallman called Color Chunks. I encourage all of you to make some sort of blog. If you already have a blog, start posting. If I view your blog everyday, to read a new post, then congratulations! Thanks for reading, guys!!!

Packing is going very well. Thanks to old housemates leaving extra boxes in the attic.
I am very pumped about living with less.... During this move,
I am downsizing and getting rid of a bunch of stuff.
Wish me luck!!


Ruth said...

Doesn't throwing stuff out feel so good?! Almost better than getting new stuff! .....Or maybe not, who am I kidding.....

Jannalyn Bailey said...

haha. ....hahaha funny girl