25 May 2010

Sun Day

It's here, it's finally here. Bikini Day!!!
My first trip to the beach this summer, is tomorrow.
That's right, beach day on Wednesday....I love unemployment.
The weather is going to be sunny with a high of 83!

Stawberries, Orange Dry (my favorite), salsa, sun tan lotion,
my ipod, Eat Pray Love, and my girls.

20 May 2010

The Owl Lady

Have I ever told you that I love owls? I also love elephants - both images of - not the real thing.
Anyway, I just discovered The Owl Lady on Etsy!!! She sells everything owls!!!!

here's a tiny smattering of her shop. I encourage you to check her out.
Most of her stuff is vintage :)



and my favorite....salt and pepper shakers!!!

I know change is a bad thing,
Breaks me down into a sorry sad thing
Not some iridescent grateful butterfly.
-Dar Williams

image source

19 May 2010

I made something

Chelsea James

Isn't this beautiful...Look at her other work on her website.
You won't be disappointed.

i love flowers

of course, here's my pup, enjoying a nice day with me

very happy cactus.


baby blooms

I think of them as brother and sister

...and the baby glories

the peonies are coming!!!!

ants and the peonies



Pansies make me think of Grandma Pat

and the beautiful lupines

you can see in the background, Morey sat on part of the plant...

one of my favorite books when I was little was Miss Rumphius

they share this part of the garden with yet-to-bloom irises

I have been dealt a real ridiculous hand recently. By recently, I mean the past few days. I can't site why or what, because I don't know what I am allowed to say, or what will get me in trouble again. (Ask me how terrible that feels. Yes, it's very disturbing.) ...So use your imagination. I will say I've been accused of a few things that I didn't do. It's unfortunate that I was attacked. Since the wrong person was accused, the wrong do-er will keep on doing wrong. (That's redundant, but you get the idea.)
I need to recall my firm belief in karma. The way you treat people, the evil things you do; they will come back to you. You will suffer great pain and suffering if you put bad things out in the universe. Kind of that "what goes around comes around" idea. I don't need to worry about wrong done to me, because the universe will just take care of it.
I am hereby leaving behind the divas, the false accusations, the verbal abuse, the needy people, the drama, the ugly hearted people - I am leaving it all behind. I haven't painted in months, and I believe that this has contributed to the deterioration of my mental health. As I have more time on my hands now, I am going to throw myself back into my studio....start preping myself the rigor of grad school :)

10 May 2010


if you'll notice the top center pose (the one where her leg is pointed straight up) well, I'm work on doing that. I am working on all of these, but specifically that one. I think I'm going to enjoy being a pretzel.

09 May 2010

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!!

Happy Birthday Beato!!

02 May 2010


I am on my way to becoming a Pilates instructor.
I answered an ad I found online while I was looking a local yoga/wellness centers website.
I called inquiring about it, and didn't receive a call back for about 10 days.
But I got it! I went to my first ever Pilates class Thursday, and another on Friday.
Man, they are killer. I was able to do everything, but wow, I never new I had half these muscles.
It's kind of funny how things work out; for a while, I was looking into going to massage school, so I could support myself on that while in grad school. (Opposed to waiting tables, which is completely unfulfilling and meaningless to me.) To me, this is sort of the same thing, but all the training is free...and all the pilates, yoga and spinning classes I want. Free.
If all goes smoothly, I'll be trained and taking my own classes by the beginning of June.

I intentionally picked the photo above, because this is Reformer machine that I will learn/train and eventually teach on. It is different from "modern" piltes, but it is the original machine, developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century.
Any way, enough with the history lesson. Read about it yourself, it's very interesting - not just a novelty exercise class.

Uh, did I mention, I am going to have a kick ass body in a few weeks too?