23 June 2011

Beautiful Art from Etsy

some of my favorites from Etsy. you can find them among my favorites.
i wish i could have all of these in my house. but until then, i'll have to admire them from afar.


19 June 2011

to the fathers in my life, happy fathers day

and to all the dads i don't have pictures of...happy day to you too!
have a beer do some grillin'

14 June 2011

cave bear.

i love cave bear.

available at Royal Mint on Etsy.

13 June 2011

Green for a little green

Strawberries 3 plants for $2 from Produce Junction! Can't wait for berries!

strawberries and honey! (not ones from the garden just yet)

new plants from City Planter ...the most amazing plant store in the world, approximately 4 blocks from my house.

I have been dying for one of these hanging ferns,
and found this one for $6 at Produce Junction!! I want more.

Morning glories from seed, doing what morning glories do best.

Heirlooms on their way (also from seed)!!!!!!

Sweet potato vine (not edible).

I love that I can see green from my fern through my kitchen window.

3 for $2 eggplant plants! We'll see how they go!

huge plants from PJ's - 2 for $15! yessss....

12 June 2011

Good Dog

The mac and cheese at Good Dog is pretty freakin good. And they have Strongbow.

And, one normal picture of the night. With pictures of our good friends on the wall :)

collecting inspiration.

Michael Voss, Fenelus, 2010

go to michaelvoss.com. look at his paintings and his other plywood work. it's amazing. i love it i love it. definite inspiration for when I get back into the studio later this week.

more, more:




To be honest, I would have hated this work 4 or 5 years ago. It really amazes me how much my taste and interest in visual art has changed so dramatically since high school. I love that it marks my growth in a way that I can see. Yes, I can see it in my own work too, but to a much smaller degree. Ok, maybe not what I was going in high school to what I'm doing now, but in the more recent years, I can't see it as easily. Understanding and appreciation of things that otherwsie made us uncomfortable marks growth.

Why would I have hated these? Hm, well for starters, two of them are on plywood. A worthless, disposable material. I like it though. The grain of the wood, with the marks; they are simple, but they are so specific. I love it. In his color painting work - the shapes, the transparency, the color!! Ug, they make me wanna paint.