13 June 2011

Green for a little green

Strawberries 3 plants for $2 from Produce Junction! Can't wait for berries!

strawberries and honey! (not ones from the garden just yet)

new plants from City Planter ...the most amazing plant store in the world, approximately 4 blocks from my house.

I have been dying for one of these hanging ferns,
and found this one for $6 at Produce Junction!! I want more.

Morning glories from seed, doing what morning glories do best.

Heirlooms on their way (also from seed)!!!!!!

Sweet potato vine (not edible).

I love that I can see green from my fern through my kitchen window.

3 for $2 eggplant plants! We'll see how they go!

huge plants from PJ's - 2 for $15! yessss....

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