05 June 2011

moving day, april 2nd

I apologize for being absent and oh-so-lazy recently. I'm slowly going to be updating...For starters, as of April 2nd, Michael, Morey and I took up official Philadelphia residence. Needless to say, our welcoming committee has been some what challenging. More on that later. Anyway, we love out new neighborhood, and I'd say that I'm getting better at learning how to be foot-commuter all over Philly. Relying on public transit....not without it's draw backs, believe me. I haven't been all that faithful to the studio, though I did get a window studio assignment! I'll be moving after next week. I've been adjusting to a few new jobs, and dreaming (much more often than before) of the day when I don't have to work in the restaurant industry any more. I mean, I'm sure it doesn't help that I left co-work friends behind in Lansdale, but it's been tough. Settling in at the right place is just going to take time.

Here are a few pictures from moving day. Much has been painted and re-arranged since these pictures, and hopefully you'll have the patience to wait for them :)

See you soon, I promise.

Plants on board.

On our way to Philly.

Michael drove the u-haul all the way to our little Randolph Street

Kitchen, move-in day.

Front door & living room.

The only "ground level" cabinet in the kitchen.
Door held in place by a single screw. Nice.

what's missing...? maybe a faucet??

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