12 June 2011

collecting inspiration.

Michael Voss, Fenelus, 2010

go to michaelvoss.com. look at his paintings and his other plywood work. it's amazing. i love it i love it. definite inspiration for when I get back into the studio later this week.

more, more:




To be honest, I would have hated this work 4 or 5 years ago. It really amazes me how much my taste and interest in visual art has changed so dramatically since high school. I love that it marks my growth in a way that I can see. Yes, I can see it in my own work too, but to a much smaller degree. Ok, maybe not what I was going in high school to what I'm doing now, but in the more recent years, I can't see it as easily. Understanding and appreciation of things that otherwsie made us uncomfortable marks growth.

Why would I have hated these? Hm, well for starters, two of them are on plywood. A worthless, disposable material. I like it though. The grain of the wood, with the marks; they are simple, but they are so specific. I love it. In his color painting work - the shapes, the transparency, the color!! Ug, they make me wanna paint.

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