08 December 2009

Welcome Steph!

Welcome to The Art Process, Steph!
Leave a comment, tell your friends, enjoy the fun!

07 December 2009

Morandi's Apples

My Morandi project is complete. :) Here are a few of the 24 paintings.

06 December 2009

i hate snow

i hate snow
i hate winter
i hate cold

i hate everything about the next hour months.
except maybe birthday and christmas presents.

26 November 2009

Happy Deep-Fried Turkey Day (A Very Tasty Treat)

I saw this on A Rumble in the Distance. It's is a "things to be thankful for from a to z list". I think it's really cute, and seeing as it's Thanksgiving, I thought it wouldn't hurt any to write what I am thankful for.

A - Art. Without it, I would be a different person. I am happy to know Abbey, and have her input on my work..

B - Blick. Thank God for Blick and their wonderfully low prices. I am thankful for Betsey. Amazing friend and professor.

C - Carly, my muse, the other pea in my pod.

D - Dad. If only my temperament were a bit more like his...

E - Electricity. You don't realize how much of it you use, until it's gone.

F - Friends and Family. I love them. Amazing support system. Fire in the fire place. Warm and cozy. I also adore Flowers.

G - Grandma Pat, my roll model

H - My Health. I have amazing health, and I am so grateful.

I - Internet. Helping me to apply to grad school...green style.

J - January. The month of my birth, my namesake and the month to welcome the new year!! (It's all almost here!!)

K - Knitted clothing...implying warm toasty days and nights. (There is an emphasis on warm here.)

L - Linda, wonderful mother.

M - Michael, my lovely boy. MOREY!! my loyal dog!

N - I am thankful for Naps. I love naps.

O - Oil paint, love of my life.

P - The Painters. You made college what it was, and you helped shaped me into the artist I have become.

Q - Quick moving people. Both on foot and in car. You keep me from going crazy, and tailgating.

R - Ruth, the friend who has been the best, for as long as I can remember. (Rachel too!)

S - Sushi!!! I promise, the last food item on here. It's just SO good! My Sewing machine (in my Studio)...Such a great graduation "present" - thank you Carole!! ;)

T - Tea. Warm, relaxing and healthy. Technically not food ;) I am SO grateful that people leave me nice Tips.

U - Underwear. Such an amazing invention. And going commando is so over rated.

V - The Village Tavern. The place of my employment. While waiting tables isn't the greatest, I have a job, and it makes me money, when a lot of people don't have either.

W - Warm Weather :) Who doesn't love this?

X - X-rays and all health-related technology. We are very lucky to live in such advanced community.

Y - Yes. Saying Yes. I need to say "yes" more. Nothing good comes from "no"

Z - My Zoom Zoom - my Mazda. I am thankful for my car :)

20 November 2009

Over Paintings

I have started painting over old paintings that I do not like. I use the painting below as a loose structure, occasionally leaving some of the under painting showing through.
I have been painting or creating everyday...I just haven't had a camera. Check out my daily apple paintings for the Morandi Project Cait is heading up.

17 November 2009

Sugar Doll

My lovely Ruth tagged me for this:

Here are the 10 random facts about myself, as required by the award:

1. I don't text.

2. I love, LOVE scented candles.

3. I know a decent amount of sign language.

4. I saw Titanic for the first time just a few years ago. I didn't like it.

5. Three of my favorite movies are: The Break Up, The Royal Tenenbaums, and The Family Stone.

6. I am NOT a morning person. My mind becomes extremely active late at night.

7. I think the noodles in canned chicken noodle soup is the most revolting thing.

8. I drive a standard.

9. I would rather be too warm than too cold, thus I love summer.

10. I will be some level famous some day.

I now tag Susan of Freshly Picked. She has an utterly adorable blog. Please visit her. (I found her over at Jes' blog, Just Jes.)

16 November 2009


This made me think a lot about expectations, and learned behavior in thinking. As an artist, I feel as thought knowing these things in yourself are vital to your success. In a way, we are uncertified psychologists. Tell me what you think of this, and what feelings you had while watching it.

Revenge from Lernert & Sander on Vimeo.

12 November 2009

Writing with MWA

When Ruth was her this past weekend, she, Michael and I did some writing together. We wrote 3 Exquisite Corpes together, you can read them here.
I think they are really beautiful poems, especially Number 1.

I was on campus again yesterday, picking up my Works on Paper submission that did not get in, and chatting with Jamar for a few. I also saw Matt Borgen. It was really good to see old professors and mentors. Matt was telling me about a new body of work he recently started on. His concept behind it is so clever and thought provoking, it made me think about how I miss being...well, thoughtful. I don't have anyone to bounce ideas off of, or be intellectual with. I miss school.

10 November 2009

Welcome Rebekah

Welcome welcome, Rebekah of and adorable little blog called Wedding Tips. Check it out, especially if you are getting married - I am not. Yet.
Her most recent wedding video is terrifyingly funny. If you can even imagine what that means :)

Anyway, we are happy you've joined the fun!

Easing myself back in

I haven't been completely absent from the blogsphere, but I haven't been diligently posting like Ruth.
This past weekend, Ruth made the 9 hour round trip, to come to PA to see Ray with me :) And it was amazing. Ruth, again has amazing pictures and video...My digital camera wasn't up for the challenge.

Felicitous Findings: III

1. Painting for more than an hour a day.

2. Gap jeans

3. Jeff's Key Lime Martini

4. Cuddling with the pup

5. Tuesday nights with Biggest Loser

09 November 2009

Learning to be careless

I have been painting a lot and blogging very little. I have done approximately 10 paintings in the past four days. I have primarily been painting on top of old paintings. Some of them turn out really beautiful, with the under painting (not for the intended painting, of course) showing through. Some of the under paintings are very lumpy, making it more difficult to cover, but I think I might like this too. No one knows what was underneath... In a few days, I probably won't even remember what was underneath. I have been doing these as fast as I can. Not in a racing way, rather in a devil-may-care way.

22 October 2009

Exquisite Corpes

I am featured on my boy's blog about poetry busking. We went out for sushi today for lunch, and after we were done with our yummy fish rolls, we wrote this.

Studio Practices

Hi babies,
I have launched my new project: www.studiopractices-au.blogspot.com
It is a collaborative blog consisting of myself, and a few painter I thesised and graduated with. It's going to be a great way for us to stay in touch and keep our art juices flowing. Visit us!!

20 October 2009


Hi kiddies, here are some decent pictures of the studio spot :

Early organizational stages
(studio-dog poses)

Where is that red ball??
(studio-dog acts coy)

I recently cam into possession of an awesome table, not yet set up, but I am syked.
(studio-dog gets ready to follow)

Extra storage space.
(studio-dog follows)

One of my favorite images...

Mom always said "that is me and daddy"

19 October 2009

I am for the art of....

I am for an art that is political-erotical-mystical, that does something other than sit on its ass in a museum.

I am for an art that grows up not knowing it is art at all, an art given the chance of having a staring point of zero.

I am for an art that embroils itself with the everyday crap & still comes out on top.

I am for an art that imitates the human, that is comic, if necessary, or violent, or whatever is necessary.

I am for an art that takes its form from the lines of life itself, that twists and extends and accumulates and spits and drips, and is heavy and coarse and blunt and sweet and stupid as life itself.

I am for an artist who vanishes, turning up in a white cap painting signs or hallways.

I am for an art that comes out of a chimney like black hair and scatters in the sky.

I am for an art that spills out of an old man's purse when he is bounced off a passing fender.

I am for the art out of a doggy's mouth, falling five stories from the roof.

I am for the art that a kid licks, after peeling away the wrapper.

I am for an art that joggles like everyones knees, when the bus traverses an excavation.

I am for art that is smoked, like a cigarette, smells, like a pair of shoes.

I am for art that flaps like a flag or helps blow noses, like a handkerchief.

I am for art that is put on and taken off, like pants, which develops holes, like socks, which is eaten, like a piece of pie, or abandoned with great contempt, like a piece of shit.

I am for art covered with bandages, I am for art that limps and rolls and runs and jumps. I am for art comes in a can or washes up on the shore.

I am for art that coils and grunts like a wrestler. I am for art that sheds hair.

I am for art you can sit on. I am for art you can pick your nose with or stub your toes on.

I am for art from a pocket, from deep channels of the ear, from the edge of a knife, from the corners of the mouth, stuck in the eye or worn on the wrist.

I am for art under the skirts, and the art of pinching cockroaches.

I am for the art of conversation between the sidewalk and a blind mans metal stick.

I am for the art that grows in a pot, that comes down out of the skies at night, like lightning, that hides in the clouds and growls. I am for art that is flipped on and off with a switch.

I am for art that unfolds like a map, that you can squeeze, like your sweetys arm, or kiss, like a pet dog. Which expands and squeaks, like an accordion, which you can spill your dinner on, like an old tablecloth.

I am for an art that you can hammer with, stitch with, sew with, paste with, file with.

I am for an art that tells you the time of day, or where such and such a street is.

I am for an art that helps old ladies across the street.

I am for the art of the washing machine. I am for the art of a government check. I am for the art of last wars raincoat.

I am for the art that comes up in fogs from sewer-holes in winter. I am for the art that splits when you step on a frozen puddle. I am for the worms art inside the apple. I am for the art of sweat that develops between crossed legs.

I am for the art of neck-hair and caked tea-cups, for the art between the tines of restaurant forks, for odor of boiling dishwater.

I am for the art of sailing on Sunday, and the art of red and white gasoline pumps.

I am for the art of bright blue factory columns and blinking biscuit signs.

I am for the art of cheap plaster and enamel. I am for the art of worn marble and smashed slate. I am for the art of rolling cobblestones and sliding sand. I am for the art of slag and black coal. I am for the art of dead birds.

I am for the art of scratchings in the asphalt, daubing at the walls. I am for the art of bending and kicking metal and breaking glass, and pulling at things to make them fall down.

I am for the art of punching and skinned knees and sat-on bananas. I am for the art of kids' smells. I am for the art of mama-babble.

I am for the art of bar-babble, tooth-picking, beerdrinking, egg-salting, in-sulting. I am for the art of falling off a bartstool.

I am for the art of underwear and the art of taxicabs. I am for the art of ice-cream cones dropped on concrete. I am for the majestic art of dog-turds, rising like cathedrals.

I am for the blinking arts, lighting up the night. I am for art falling, splashing, wiggling, jumping, going on and off.

I am for the art of fat truck-tires and black eyes.

I am for Kool-art, 7-UP art, Pepsi-art, Sunshine art, 39 cents art, 15 cents art, Vatronol Art, Dro-bomb art, Vam art, Menthol art, L & M art Ex-lax art, Venida art, Heaven Hill art, Pamryl art, San-o-med art, Rx art, 9.99 art, Now art, New ar, How art, Fire sale art, Last Chance art, Only art, Diamond art, Tomorrow art, Franks art, Ducks art, Meat-o-rama art.

I am for the art of bread wet by rain. I am for the rat's dance between floors. I am for the art of flies walking on a slick pear in the electric light. I am for the art of soggy onions and firm green shoots. I am for the art of clicking among the nuts when the roaches come and go. I am for the brown sad art of rotting apples.

I am for the art of meows and clatter of cats and for the art of their dumb electric eyes.

I am for the white art of refrigerators and their muscular openings and closing.

I am for the art of rust and mold. I am for the art of hearts, funeral hearts or sweetheart hearts, full of nougat. I am for the art of worn meathooks and singing barrels of red, white, blue and yellow meat.

I am for the art of things lost or thrown away, coming home from school. I am for the art of cock-and-ball trees and flying cows and the noise of rectangles and squares. I am for for the art of crayons and weak grey pencil-lead, and grainy wash and sticky oil paint, and the art of windshield wipers and the art of the finger on a cold window, on dusty steel or in the bubbles on the sides of a bathtub.

I am for the art of teddy-bears and guns and decapitated rabbits, explodes umbrellas, raped beds, chairs with their brown bones broken, burning trees, firecracker ends, chicken bones, pigeon bones, and boxes with men sleeping in them.

I am for the art of slightly rotten funeral flowers, hung bloody rabbits and wrinkly yellow chickens, bass drums & tambourines, and plastic phonographs.

I am for the art of abandoned boxes, tied like pharohs. I am for an art of watertanks and speeding clouds and flapping shades.

I am for U.S. Government Inspected Art, Grade A art, Regular Price art, Yellow Ripe art, Extra Fancy art, Ready-to-eat art, Best-for-less art, Ready-to-cook art, Fully cleaned art, Spend Less art, Eat Better art, Ham art, Pork art, chicken art, tomato art, bana art, apple art, turkey art, cake art, cookie art.

Claes Oldenburg

May 1961

18 October 2009

Life's a beautiful blue-eyed redheaded bitch

I have been very busy.

I am sitting here, on my first night off in seven days. Doesn't sound like a lot, but for what I am used to, it is. Ah, what can I say about my lovely job? I have worked well over 40 hours this week, and made well, a lot of money. Waitressing, serving, waiting tables, what have you. I would call it an inglorious job. It is a people pleasing business, in the lowest most demeaning form. Serving some one food. I go out to eat, I love going out to eat. I love work sometimes. I usually have so much fun at work. But I'll be blunt it is a shit job. I am basically someone's personal bitch for 45 minutes to an hour. Then sometimes I think about the people I work with who are "lifers". People who usually don't have an education, and maybe an illegitimate kid. Or three. I also have worked with work moms. My mom was one of these. A 30-something married woman with a few kids, and perfectly respectable life. They only work on the weekend, just for some extra grocery money, of whatever it goes to. They usually play mom to all the other girls at work too. I love my work moms. That reminds me, Renee, please come back. We miss you, and we need you. You also don't usually see male "lifers" or male "work moms". You will however, always encounter foul mouthed male cooks. This, my friend is only the tip of the iceberg. I am constantly looking over my shoulder and guarding my money against thieves (aka co-workers). Some are more of a risk than others, but I like to play it safe.
I fall somewhere in the crowd that has another career ahead of them, and we are just doing this to put ourselves through school, or until we leave for grad school. Boring story, but true. Putting up with - you don't even wanna know.
There is nothing better than getting dirty looks from customers because we are out of cranberry sauce...

I did paint this week. I spent three hours trying to paint a tomato. It was rough. I haven't painted in so long. Not this way, anyway. But I will tackle it. Money is very important right now, and the only way to get it (that I am willing to do) is working at my job. If this week is anything like last week, I won't be around here too much, nor will I be painting too much, but I am determined. I have tomorrow off, and I plan on finishing the little tom.

I am also welcoming Bethany of Bloom, winner of Ruth's give away! Congrats! Welcome, Jessicaleighlalou!! Please visit both of these lovely ladies bloggies. I hope this doesn't change anything ...welcome chickies!

This is priceless. I love Regina..... Enjoy!


13 October 2009

Getting Mail and New Followers

Two of my favorite things are getting mail and getting new followers, here at The Art Process. Welcome!! Beth of Green Tea, charming and simple by the way and Monica (Onic) of gimmie smoothies

Green Tea is so charming and simple, I look forward to following you!!

And gimmie smoothies is amazing - blogging about clothing and all sorts of wonderful stuff!!! What a deal. Love it. Following you too ;)

Any way, welcome welcome. I hope you enjoy your time here :)

The Bloomin' Winner

Congrats Miss Bethany of Bloom for winning the give away!!

Photo via Bloom
Check out her blog...beautiful photos!!

11 October 2009

Opposite, there of

This entry shall include pet-peeves of I, Jana, the author of this here blog. I consider it the opposite of my last posting.

1 You pull up to a red light. It trips, the light turns green. You start to go (I am usually turning left). The light turns back to yellow before you are even half though the intersection. Annoys me beyond belief.

2 Cheap asses

3 Wet door handles

4 Sweeping carpet

Four. That's all for now.
And I apologize that two of them are directly related to my only job. I just got off, and it's all still so fresh in my mind.
Congrats to the winner of the give away!! (to be announced in a few hours, by Ruth!!)

10 October 2009

Felicitous Findings: II

1 Being able to say I've never been to the McDonald's in my town.

2 Morey

3 Oh so pleasant customers

4 The prospect of Ruth visiting me in less than a month, and all the fun we are going to have!!

5 Banana bread