26 November 2009

Happy Deep-Fried Turkey Day (A Very Tasty Treat)

I saw this on A Rumble in the Distance. It's is a "things to be thankful for from a to z list". I think it's really cute, and seeing as it's Thanksgiving, I thought it wouldn't hurt any to write what I am thankful for.

A - Art. Without it, I would be a different person. I am happy to know Abbey, and have her input on my work..

B - Blick. Thank God for Blick and their wonderfully low prices. I am thankful for Betsey. Amazing friend and professor.

C - Carly, my muse, the other pea in my pod.

D - Dad. If only my temperament were a bit more like his...

E - Electricity. You don't realize how much of it you use, until it's gone.

F - Friends and Family. I love them. Amazing support system. Fire in the fire place. Warm and cozy. I also adore Flowers.

G - Grandma Pat, my roll model

H - My Health. I have amazing health, and I am so grateful.

I - Internet. Helping me to apply to grad school...green style.

J - January. The month of my birth, my namesake and the month to welcome the new year!! (It's all almost here!!)

K - Knitted clothing...implying warm toasty days and nights. (There is an emphasis on warm here.)

L - Linda, wonderful mother.

M - Michael, my lovely boy. MOREY!! my loyal dog!

N - I am thankful for Naps. I love naps.

O - Oil paint, love of my life.

P - The Painters. You made college what it was, and you helped shaped me into the artist I have become.

Q - Quick moving people. Both on foot and in car. You keep me from going crazy, and tailgating.

R - Ruth, the friend who has been the best, for as long as I can remember. (Rachel too!)

S - Sushi!!! I promise, the last food item on here. It's just SO good! My Sewing machine (in my Studio)...Such a great graduation "present" - thank you Carole!! ;)

T - Tea. Warm, relaxing and healthy. Technically not food ;) I am SO grateful that people leave me nice Tips.

U - Underwear. Such an amazing invention. And going commando is so over rated.

V - The Village Tavern. The place of my employment. While waiting tables isn't the greatest, I have a job, and it makes me money, when a lot of people don't have either.

W - Warm Weather :) Who doesn't love this?

X - X-rays and all health-related technology. We are very lucky to live in such advanced community.

Y - Yes. Saying Yes. I need to say "yes" more. Nothing good comes from "no"

Z - My Zoom Zoom - my Mazda. I am thankful for my car :)

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Ruth said...

Wait, JANA wrote this?? I love it :)

I need to take a leaf out of your book, I guess. I'd probably spend about 3 hours on this list and then give up at "I." Optimism optimism! Thanks, JaniePat :)