29 June 2009

Back To Work

I am back to work at the Trey-Masters' household this week, and I am on double time because Tonya is still in Iowa. But I assure you, I am working on some little gems. They take time to make, mostly because drying time is needed in between coats.

Tomorrow is Michael's birthday, so it too will be full of food, presents, and work.
Look for updates Friday.
Maybe before.

We'll see.

In other news, my mother joined Etsy. She probably has forgotten her password though.

27 June 2009


500 Days of Summer

please watch - it looks heart breakingly adorable.

I'm getting famous!

Yet another glorious opportunity Etsy has presented me with!
Thank you, Victoria! Please visit her shop here.

A beautiful figure drawing by Victoria. Click here to buy.

I am so sorry about the laps in postings. I've been busy...the days have been hot, yet cool enough to do yard work. I stumbled into an antique store today though, and I bought a few things to make beautiful work out of. COMING SOON!


25 June 2009


I missed posting today. Work was a whirl wind, and I just got home with enough time left to eat a piece of banana bread (Michael is become such a wonderful chef!) and fall into bed. No, I won't take my dirty grease-filled clothing off, nor my sneakers.
I don't know why I waste time posting at this point. Oh right! Ruth, of ruth-writes.com, has been sponsored by Nina, of naturallynina.com, where I then found Blue Moss. Anyway, you should really check out all three. Naturally Nina is addictive in a good healthy way. And Ruth Writes, is just, well, wonderful.

Good night, moon.

24 June 2009

White Snake

Finally. I apologize about the laps in art-related posts.. Although, yesterdays post could be considered culinary art. This piece actually did take me two days to make. I introduce White Snake:

About 22 - 25 inches.

The beads include white and clear glass beads, 12 fresh water pearls, clear, white and off white seed beads, and stirling chandelier globes.

As you can see, there are 5 strands of various lengths.

Stirling chandelier globes pictured here.

Of course, the necklace's namesake.
White Snake boasts a brass-colored snake-shaped toggle clasp.

White Snake is now available on Etsy, for $75.

23 June 2009

Chef Michael

We opted to make buffalo wings tonight, for dinner. We broke out the deep fryer from Grandma Pat for the very first time, and I must say, they were quite good.
Morey got a bath this morning, which needed a ton of convincing. When got out, he bolted down the stairs and practically whipped out from his wet slippery paws.

Morey with his ham bone, after his morning bath.

The Cook

The awesome wings

Morey with his Ducky, right before dinner

Morey's Ducky, for those of you who don't know is pictured above. It is a rubber squeaky toy that practically screams when Morey plays with him. Sometimes the tortured Ducky's high pitched squeals get to be too much, and he needs to be taken away. Ducky is also the first toy Morey didn't destroy. In short, Morey loves his Ducky.

22 June 2009

Cleaning Day

Ken, my landlord is due back from India tomorrow, so I wasn't able to do much work today. I spent the greater part of the morning and afternoon cleaning house, to be presentable. Then I waited tables for my livelihood for the rest of the evening.

Come have lunch or dinner! And maybe leave me an awesome tip? The Village Tavern is located on Stump Road in North Wales.

On a more solemn note, Jon and Kate Plus 8 made me sad tonight. Did anyone else notice Jon's new "jewelry". WTF, man.

21 June 2009

Deep Time Threshold Arts Movement

I am pleased, nay, I am thrilled that I have been asked to be apart of the Deep Time Threshold Arts Movement!!
Please read more about it here.
I will let you know when my work is officially displayed on the website.

Happy Father's Day, dad!

My mother and father

My father and I, circa 1987

My father teaching me how to weld.
Summer 2007

20 June 2009

Heads, send them...

I discovered this artist on Facebook, of all places. Karen Schmidt has been painting a portrait a day since January 2009 (from what I gather). They are 3" X 3" - so they are very small, but extremely interesting and their simplicity is breath-taking. Her website is sendmeyourhead.com. I plan on sending her my head, and I look forward to the results. Here are some of my favorites:

Ben 1/31/09

Junaidi 2/28/09

Kevin 2/24/09

Sarah 4/23/09

Catherine 3/26/09

Liem 3/30/09

Aren't they beautiful? You can also become a fan of Karen's on Facebook at Send Me Your Heads.

19 June 2009

Friday Night Movie

Exactly that. Enjoy! :)

Friday Night Girls Night



About two weeks ago, Lauren, Tonya and I established Friday night Girls night. Since then, Tonya and I have fulfilled the commitment, but Lauren hasn't. We are in the process of getting in touch with her for tonight. Ruby Tuesday's is our restaurant of choice, because of the drink specials - $5 cosmos, though I'm not sure how good of a deal that is. They sure do the trick though!

I could live on their Southwestern Spring Rolls - they are simply to die for. Their spinach artichoke dip is amazing too. But how hard is it really to combine spinach, artichoke hearts and cheese? I think my cousin Annie's spinach and artichoke casserole rivals theirs.

Is there any irony in going to Tuesday's on Fridays?

In my daily creative news....

I got a really good start on a "girly" apron for my mom's birthday. Even though her birthday was the 17th. (Sorry mom, Happy Birthday, though).

This is the bottom half. It is two different panels of floral fabric. The top is two panels of different colors too, but they aren't attached yet.

Note Morey on right :)

18 June 2009

Gypsy Kisses

New jewelry! Meet Gypsy Kisses, my newest edition to JanaBailey.Etsy.com.

A beautiful necklace perfect for any day, with any outfit, be it a dress or jeans and t-shirt.

It includes unique glass beads from a bead boutique in northern Connecticut, as well as round faceted jet glass beads, stone bead chips Amber Hydrothermal glass, faceted rondell Peridot glass beads, dyed Jade orange beads, and Amber glass bicone crackle beads, South African beads (thank you, Ruthie)

The 26 inch necklace is secured around your neck with a skeleton pad lock and key toggle clasp.

So Check Her Out!! There are other goodies of mine on Etsy too!

I would also like to give a shout out to Chad Wys. Check out his Etsy page here. Or you could go directly to his website. Either way, look at his work. It is absolutely beautiful!! I am inspired by artists [painters] like him. I really admire that he isn't a painter first, and I'm really rather impressed that his roots seem to be in graphic design and photography. I am considering picking one of his paintings on Etsy for my personal collection....

17 June 2009

The Rapunzle Necklace

I finished this necklace today. It will be available on JanaBailey.Etsy.com tomorrow for $78.00. I call it "The Rapunzel Necklace" because I have incorporated a braid into it.

Two sewn chiffon "ribbons" braided with a single strand of clear beads (pictured on left). Three stands on right: two clear, one maroon with a iridescent finish.

Fabric "floral" component, with blue glass "globe" bead.

Approximately 31 inches in length.

Copper-colored toggle clasp.

16 June 2009

Big News!

  Hi Folks,
I officially have a grown-up bed!  For the past eight or nine months, I have been sleeping in a lofted bed.  And before that I slept on a small, uncomfortable couch.  Well, college is over, and it was time to upgrade.  Michael and I cut two feet off from the loft bed he and his friend Chris built in August.  I was also fed up with raw wood look, and painted it.  I am much happier with it, and so is Morey, he can actually jump up on it now!  I apologize about the poor quality pictures, they were taken with photo booth.

The new height of the bed.

Morey, pretending that he can't get up.

Morey and Michael.

Being a pup.