18 June 2009

Gypsy Kisses

New jewelry! Meet Gypsy Kisses, my newest edition to JanaBailey.Etsy.com.

A beautiful necklace perfect for any day, with any outfit, be it a dress or jeans and t-shirt.

It includes unique glass beads from a bead boutique in northern Connecticut, as well as round faceted jet glass beads, stone bead chips Amber Hydrothermal glass, faceted rondell Peridot glass beads, dyed Jade orange beads, and Amber glass bicone crackle beads, South African beads (thank you, Ruthie)

The 26 inch necklace is secured around your neck with a skeleton pad lock and key toggle clasp.

So Check Her Out!! There are other goodies of mine on Etsy too!

I would also like to give a shout out to Chad Wys. Check out his Etsy page here. Or you could go directly to his website. Either way, look at his work. It is absolutely beautiful!! I am inspired by artists [painters] like him. I really admire that he isn't a painter first, and I'm really rather impressed that his roots seem to be in graphic design and photography. I am considering picking one of his paintings on Etsy for my personal collection....

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