17 October 2011

works on paper, of October

pencil, marker, oil on paper

marker on news print

gesso, guache, india ink and glitter on news print

pen, india ink and mod podge on paper

sun drawing

guache and india ink on news print

traced Vermeer collage

brass wire and canvas


marker, paint and small beads on news print


what they say

oil, colored pencil and pen on paper


more exploration in painting

I think this last one is really funny

12 October 2011

Catherine O'Connell at LGTripp Gallery, Philly

Acrylics on canvas. They are so amazing in person. So inspirational. I love her

08 October 2011


New oil paintings

The note was added by an anonymous student. I like it.

Oil and glitter on canvas


Collage and Xerox

Collection of collages

Collaged Vermeer

Color Xeroxed Vermeer

Upper right, original collage
Upper left, color Xerox
Lower left, black and white Xerox
Lower right, dragged Xerox

image, acrylic paint, Play-doh, plastic, embossing

black and white Xerox

Large color Xerox