21 September 2010

The 70s wasn't all disco balls and bellbottoms...

so...for those of you who are actually wondering where I am, I am here. I have, yet again, lost my cable that gets my pictures from my camera to my computer. I once again have pages of art history to read, interpret and present. But I also have new work.
Last week was really rough... I had two or three bad days in the studio. And for those of you who don't know what a bad studio day entails, i would equate it to writers block, with a lot of self-loathing, and maybe a nap. Sometimes it's a day where I come in, take one look at the paintings I did the day before and either question what I thought I was doing and turn them toward the wall, or hastily destroy them.
Tonight, however I am up to eyeballs in art from the 70s; art movements, social climate, artists, the denial of the notion of institutionalize and consumerized art (i.e. galleries) and therefore the triumph over failure (which is elusive, I assure you). (takes a deep breath)....blaaaah. All this fun stuff on top of waitressing and pilate instructing...phew.
Let me leave you with this happy little tid bit:
I poured myself a nice glass of cheap sangria, and brought it to my bedroom with me, promising myself I could have it when I was done with my work for the night...I still haven't had a sip, and I've been sitting here for 2 and half hours. I am so sick of reading about feminist art.
One last happy little note: I haven't even skimmed the section entitled "The Personal and the Political". Apparently feminist art believes the personal is political. I don't even know what that meansssss

12 September 2010

Chinese Cup Therapy

Hey kiddies! hope everyone is well....school is winding up and up. I feel like I have more and more to do and see and say every week.
Now, about my picture. I have received my first cupping session. creepy isn't it? just google chinese cup therapy if you're looking to know more, I really wouldn't do the explanation justice. It helped me feel a lot better on a hang-over morning.

11 September 2010

PAFA week 3....maybe? I don't know, I've lost track of time.

progress with the new patch-worked piece.

sorry this is so out of focus. It's acrylic on wet canvas; just experimenting

phase 1

phase 2

yard and canvas

oil, oil stick, acrylic, pencil, charcoal on canvas

acrylic, charcoal, water soluble crayon, pen on paper

02 September 2010

New Paintings

I am sharing everything I make. For the most part.


(sorry about the bad lighting)

didn't know what to do, so I painted bottles.

new as of 9/2/10