19 March 2012

New musings

A large part of the goals deeply embedded in seams of my practice consist of escapism. I respect my artist ancestry and I often look to it for guidance, but it is most important to me that the clarity of the immediate lineage, remains a mystery.

I work across mediums ultimately to advance and inform the others. There is no separateness between the life of a sculpture and a painting. I make them from each other and for each other; places for my things and things for my places.

I find myself interested in the body, distortion, discomfort and societal expectations of the body image [typically female]. Confusion and ambiguity work in tandem to encourage a “visual sustainability” about my pictures.

I retain an intense curiosity between interiority and exteriority, which play a role in my thing-making as well; capturing table tops or legs, crevasse or bulges.