19 April 2010


Baby peonies

....doing well


baby cutie piiiies

My favorite time of year

Ornamental Cherry in the back yard


Painters dinner, before Jes left for Bryce Canyon for the summer.

Cake by LaurGarv

L to R: me, Amy, Tonya, Lauren, Jes, Betsey

16 April 2010

where, do, commas, go, anyway,?

two no, three more things

I've decided to start filling my blog with small and large thoughts I have:

1 - I really crack myself up sometimes.
2 - My dancing is the best birth control (for which ever unfortunate souls decide to take me dancing) on this planet.

Damn, I just did it again...too damn funny.

ranty, rant, rant, ranting

- NEVER tip on your credit card.

- Don't nag your waitress or your boyfriend

- There is no such thing as "free" Nothing is "free"

- Never buy a pet from a pet store. Always adopt a rescue if you can.

- And ohmygod, don't talk about how much I curse. I'll fucking swear whenever I fucking want.

15 April 2010

Things that are stressing me out, currently

- Taxes

- My sleeping late problem

- Missing the gym for 3 weeks

- Missing my trainer for 3 weeks

there are other things, but I'm not listing them here.
If only I were independently wealthy.