23 June 2009

Chef Michael

We opted to make buffalo wings tonight, for dinner. We broke out the deep fryer from Grandma Pat for the very first time, and I must say, they were quite good.
Morey got a bath this morning, which needed a ton of convincing. When got out, he bolted down the stairs and practically whipped out from his wet slippery paws.

Morey with his ham bone, after his morning bath.

The Cook

The awesome wings

Morey with his Ducky, right before dinner

Morey's Ducky, for those of you who don't know is pictured above. It is a rubber squeaky toy that practically screams when Morey plays with him. Sometimes the tortured Ducky's high pitched squeals get to be too much, and he needs to be taken away. Ducky is also the first toy Morey didn't destroy. In short, Morey loves his Ducky.

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