09 November 2009

Learning to be careless

I have been painting a lot and blogging very little. I have done approximately 10 paintings in the past four days. I have primarily been painting on top of old paintings. Some of them turn out really beautiful, with the under painting (not for the intended painting, of course) showing through. Some of the under paintings are very lumpy, making it more difficult to cover, but I think I might like this too. No one knows what was underneath... In a few days, I probably won't even remember what was underneath. I have been doing these as fast as I can. Not in a racing way, rather in a devil-may-care way.

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Blogger2r said...

This is such a great idea for a blog. I too am an artist although I never have time to paint anymore with a crazy class schedule :(. I love the artistic process though how lot's of little tweaking makes such a big difference!