12 November 2009

Writing with MWA

When Ruth was her this past weekend, she, Michael and I did some writing together. We wrote 3 Exquisite Corpes together, you can read them here.
I think they are really beautiful poems, especially Number 1.

I was on campus again yesterday, picking up my Works on Paper submission that did not get in, and chatting with Jamar for a few. I also saw Matt Borgen. It was really good to see old professors and mentors. Matt was telling me about a new body of work he recently started on. His concept behind it is so clever and thought provoking, it made me think about how I miss being...well, thoughtful. I don't have anyone to bounce ideas off of, or be intellectual with. I miss school.

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Blogger2r said...

That is an interesting observation. I feel like because of school I don't have time to be thoughtful. You make such a great point though about bouncing ideas of people.