18 October 2009

Life's a beautiful blue-eyed redheaded bitch

I have been very busy.

I am sitting here, on my first night off in seven days. Doesn't sound like a lot, but for what I am used to, it is. Ah, what can I say about my lovely job? I have worked well over 40 hours this week, and made well, a lot of money. Waitressing, serving, waiting tables, what have you. I would call it an inglorious job. It is a people pleasing business, in the lowest most demeaning form. Serving some one food. I go out to eat, I love going out to eat. I love work sometimes. I usually have so much fun at work. But I'll be blunt it is a shit job. I am basically someone's personal bitch for 45 minutes to an hour. Then sometimes I think about the people I work with who are "lifers". People who usually don't have an education, and maybe an illegitimate kid. Or three. I also have worked with work moms. My mom was one of these. A 30-something married woman with a few kids, and perfectly respectable life. They only work on the weekend, just for some extra grocery money, of whatever it goes to. They usually play mom to all the other girls at work too. I love my work moms. That reminds me, Renee, please come back. We miss you, and we need you. You also don't usually see male "lifers" or male "work moms". You will however, always encounter foul mouthed male cooks. This, my friend is only the tip of the iceberg. I am constantly looking over my shoulder and guarding my money against thieves (aka co-workers). Some are more of a risk than others, but I like to play it safe.
I fall somewhere in the crowd that has another career ahead of them, and we are just doing this to put ourselves through school, or until we leave for grad school. Boring story, but true. Putting up with - you don't even wanna know.
There is nothing better than getting dirty looks from customers because we are out of cranberry sauce...

I did paint this week. I spent three hours trying to paint a tomato. It was rough. I haven't painted in so long. Not this way, anyway. But I will tackle it. Money is very important right now, and the only way to get it (that I am willing to do) is working at my job. If this week is anything like last week, I won't be around here too much, nor will I be painting too much, but I am determined. I have tomorrow off, and I plan on finishing the little tom.

I am also welcoming Bethany of Bloom, winner of Ruth's give away! Congrats! Welcome, Jessicaleighlalou!! Please visit both of these lovely ladies bloggies. I hope this doesn't change anything ...welcome chickies!

This is priceless. I love Regina..... Enjoy!


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Katherine Van Ness said...

Why do boring day jobs have to suck so much life out of us?? Between waitressing (you) and working at a discount store (me), I can only imagine the stories that we would be able to share.