07 October 2009

Felicitous Findings: Maiden Voyage

Ruth has been writing Felicitous Findings for months now. They are one of my favorite things to read on her blog. I am officially borrowing "Findings" from Ruth, so start finding joy in my own life.
I will follow suit, making a list of 5 for every entry.
Forgive me, I am a first time Finder:

1 Doing "swaps" ...the most recent I signed up for being the Photo swap!

2 Good pizza.

3 Doing Yoga in the morning.

4 Watching Morey chase leaves.

5 Candy Corn. The first 4 or 5 pieces, anyway.

Has anyone been on Google today? What is up with the barcode?


Ruth said...

Yay! I'm so excited!

Link me!!!!!!!

Jana said...


My name is Cait said...

today is the day the barcode was invented.

Jana said...

haha thanks cait