05 October 2009

Getting myself out there

I am doing everything I can think of, short of rent and airplane with a banner, to get myself out there. Hopefully Craigslist will inspire a few more shoppers over at Etsy.

I will be participating in a drawing or contest of sorts with Ruth of Ruth-Writes. Keep your eyes open for more details either here or over on her blog!!

I would also like to draw some attention to "L Garvey" or "EL" or as I call her, my friend, Lauren. She has a few beautiful paintings up on her blog, and I'm excited to feature some here:

I have always loved Lauren's paintings, but these three are my absolute favorites. Especially the bottom one. It is on my wish list for Christmas. If only I was independently wealthy, I wouldn't have to wait until Christmas!


the Music of the Night said...

i love the bottom one also! it's so beautiful!

Jana said...

Isn't it amazing?? I want it so bad!!