04 October 2009

HERE WE GO.... (betsey!!)

I recieved my partner for the shop swap, and I am super excited to get my painting for her underway. Her name is Audrey and she lives in Canada. She makes adorable little painted wall hangings (amongst other hand-painted things!), and I am so lucky to be partnered with her!
And she sews!!!
View her stuff on her blog here, and if anything suits your fancy purchase here ;) !!


Ruth said...

What a cute little shopping bag! I'm so glad you decided to do this!

And I love the "new" banner :)

Jannalyn Bailey said...

thank you! i owe both of them to you. i don't know how i feel about the banner yet. i want a 'longer' one. the one now, is a square, and i can't move the name too much, if you know what i mean.