09 October 2009

Painters Reunite!!!

I am excited. I get to be reunited with most of these lovely ladies tonight!! I miss seeing them everyday, in their spots in the studio. I miss talking with them for hours about nothing everything and nothing. Being pulled away from them so abruptly was something I was wasn't prepared for.
It has taken me a long time to get to where I am, in the studio. And I am still no where near back to normal.
I believe that I will never be back to that specific normal. I will have to fine a new rhythm and a new normal. One that involves solitude and little or not instant feed back.
Oh, how I wish I had known what was coming. How I wish I had better prepared myself. How I wish I could have stayed like that forever.

But nothing lasts forever. And everything is impermanent. More on that later....

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