07 June 2011

bug problems

So, the day after we moved in, we discovered the house was infested. So the repacking commenced. Soft, plush things into a bags, and everything else into boxes to go into the basement. It only took the reality company two weeks to get an exterminator out to treat our house. Of course, it was too late for me. I've been dealing with bug bites for the past two months. I just have to believe that who ever negated the responsibility of monitoring the health a safety of the tenets, will pay. It's karma, baby. I'm calmly going to give it another month (to which all my friends say I'm crazy), then we will be opening an escrow account and calling licensing and inspection.

All I can say is, this has been a life changing experience, one which I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy. I never thought I'd appreciate little things like not having to dry my bedding every single night. Sleepless hours, fear of going to bed - the one place you should trust and feel the most safe. Just dreadful. These bites are the most complex and painful bites ever. I'd prefer a bee sting.

Any way, I can hope it's almost over. The thought has crossed my mind several times. I just have to hope this is it. I've had the exterminator back for the 5th time this past week. Needless to say, the bedroom is still only a bed. The tv room is still full of plastic bags. We are slowly putting up shelving and storage. And...painting ;)

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