18 January 2010

New Shoes and Plants

I have a tomato vine that I am interested in painting. I think it might be very beautiful. I could do it impressionistically or realistically. I think I'll do it both ways.

New shoes are here! Mom got me black patten leather Danskos for my birthday!! :) I think the coolest part is that they are a size 38 - that is a size 7 for you silly Americans ;)
I have been waiting for them for weeks, and they finally arrived this morning, as Michael and I were leaving for a sushi lunch. While I am on the subject, I filled out an application for an additional job at Osaka! Can you imagine?! Working at a s sushi restaurant!? Heaven. The boy who took my application said they get free sushi every Sunday. And of course, the Danskos could go with me :)

I spent some lovely time with my plants today. I have to say I really enjoyed it. Can you imagine being a plant? I think it would be so lovely and peaceful. Boring, but wonderful.
I have been trying to nurse my orchids back to life. I got one from my parents when they came to see my thesis show last April. The other was from Michael, either for my birthday or Valentine's Day last year. So blah, blah, blah, I nearly killed both of them. Nearly. They are both doing well now. I am working on raising a basil plant now. I bought it at the grocery store a before Christmas...I can't say how much I miss Produce Junction! I don't live need it any more, and thus never get plants or flowers anymore.

I made 3 more terrariums today :) I don't know why, but I love them! I think it's something about my interest in invented or imagined miniature environment. What do I love even more than terrariums? Miniature terrariums!! I am considering ways to make miniature animals, or mushrooms to live in them.

Plant table, where they sun themselves all day.

Work table in the studio.

More are coming :) :) :)


Jes said...

i want a terrarium!!!!!!

Ruth said...

Me too! And an orchid plant! And some Danskos! And a job where you get free sushi every Sunday!

Curious Designs said...

I have a terrarium with little salamanders (red efts) in it. Maybe you could donate a little plant to their cause. Also I CAN'T WAIT TO GARDEN AGAIN. Maybe you could get in on that with me.