23 January 2010

It's a new year

Among many things that I am just doing (instead of resolving to do) I am going to get into grad school. If I don't, I am not really prepared to have that much time on my hands

This is a new painting I did recently. I call it The Egg Balloon.

I am also running a 5K in March. Here's to day five at the gym....
Happy Saturday, everyone!


the Music of the Night said...

oo a 5k! Nice!! me and my friend Coral were attempting one over thanksgiving.. didn't pan out, but here's to an awesome one for ya!

Bethany said...

i like the egg balloon, great colors and texture.
good luck with the 5k, yay for you.

Curious Designs said...

love LOVE the egg balloon. dislike the 5k run. let's make it a swim?