05 March 2011

Things I see on the train

My commute has become increasingly exhaustive. I decided to make a list of the more interesting things I see out my window (God forbid I don't have a window seat, especially during rush hour on the train).

Right outside Temple:

A dead Christmas tree in the back of a pick up truck

Stand alone row homes. I think these are especially interesting and tragically unfortunate. Does anyone live in these orphaned homes? Are they cold inside because their neighboring insulation is gone? What happened to the others?

Obscenely large piles of tires in seemingly abandon lots (also littered with other junk and a broken down truck). I wonder if this pile has formed from slow accumulation or was it one lump dump?

around 19th

Shredded plastic bags, clotting wire fencing...I could almost imagine them to be lace, fluttering in the wind.

More garbage then grass. So filthy.

Wayne Junction

Hunting Park Health Center. I would cry if I had to go here. The location is anything but comforting.

Graffiti: "JALT"


Clarissa & Wayne

Graffiti: "JALT" (this is the first time I noticed the same tag in two places)

BELL TELEPHONE...Telephone companies, as we knew them when we were younger, are essentially obsolete. Same with video rental stores. An interesting phenomenon, I think.

I love to people watch. It's my absolute favorite thing to do. This is the only picture I've ever taken of a stranger on the train. I think I've posted it before. I love it for the same reason I love everything else on my list. I just don't know anything about the "why"...I wonder why she's on the train, where she works, does she have a nice house and family, is she happy? That's my most common musing. Are you happy? I'll never know. And I'm okay with that.

The closer I get to home, I see less litter. Bigger yards and homes. More space, more trees, more air. Finally, the sprawling, gated homes. Waste and excess exist at both ends of the train tracks, just in entirely different and heart wrenching ways.

Fort Washington

Graffiti: "Kill your drug dealer XXX"

"You could be home now!"

Gwynedd Valley
A white cubist-inspired home, surrounded by a solid white barricading fence.

North Wales (my stop)

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