30 August 2010

Grad Student Wish List

This blog is starting to, and will continue following me in grad school, so I think it only appropriate that I have an on-going wish list for any one who wishes to donate to this poor art student.

wool sweaters/cardigans (for getting messing in in the studio)
slipper socks/slippers
Vive paper towels
paint brushes, any size
canvas drop cloth ( I have enough stretched canvases for now)
candy bars
Nature Valley granola bars :)
gift cards for coffee
large quantities of white (or any primary color) acrylic or latex paint

This will remain a button on the blog, so it can be accessed easily at any time.
Thanks in advance for any donations!!! :)


the Music of the Night said...

I can supply you with a few cans of latex paint and some knit slippery sock haha.. However I do not quite know when I would be able to get them to you

Jana Bailey said...

aw, thanks mary! all the more reason to get together next time I'm in CT, or youre in PA! :)