28 August 2010

PAFA Move In!!

I moved into my studio on Tuesday, August 24th. My studio is on the 6th floor, the print-making floor. While it's not the floor I was wishing for (I was hoping to be neighbors with undergrad friend, Lauren) I love my studio.

This is the elevator landing, complete with an old print-making apparatus. I am not a print-maker historian, so I have no clue what it's really called!

Window view in the elevator landing.

I basically live next door to the school store...and let me tell you, this isn't your middle school school store! It's a freakin' tease.

My hallway :) Undergraduate lockers on the left, and on the right my studio, my neighbor (Marek) and then the freight elevator....move in was so easy! I loaded up my dolly pushed it onto the freight, went up 6 stories, pushed it off the freight and I was at my door!

This is the view at the windows at the other end of the hall...At least they are beautiful buildings to look at. The lower building is part of PAFA; it's called the Historic Landmark Building (HLB).

Interior of studio, right after I dumped my stuff...I guess I had a chance to assemble my table as well.

Another interior shot from the other end, entrance is now to the left. That big pole on the right, yeah, those are literally in every studio. Mine isn't that bad.

Shelf assembled (pain in the ass) and unpacked. The brown bookcase is about 7 feet tall, so you can have an idea of the hight of the walls.

Studios are open air, so there is no music or super smelly things (aerosol cans) allowed.

Lauren for scale :)
Studios come with 4 spot lights...it's kind of obnoxious lighting because it's so concentrated; it's just a spot of light. I am still waiting for my 4th, as I only had three on move-in day. I don't think the incandescent light will get to me, but if it does, I can paint at the window down the hall.

Over all, I am comfortable in my new space. I am really thankful for being accepted, and I really love having my own creating space. It's amazing to have a place where I don't have to be careful. Yes, I already got both black and white paint on the floor. The black didn't clean up so well.

Look for photos from the M3LT opening tomorrow!!


the Music of the Night said...

i am drooolling over your beautiful studio space!! Although, i'm not sure how i would live in a music-less studio space. Congrats!! Many happy paintings ahead!!!

Jana Bailey said...

my ipod has suddenly become my best friend :)

Ruth said...

This looks marvelous. Just as I knew it'd be :)