24 July 2010

Free Concert at Pastorius Park

Tonya, Jess, Steph and I saw McPeake on Wednesday night...with a pitcher of sangria. It was a glorious night.

Little miss Tonya, smiling, as always.

Classy pitcher

Wine-soaked fruit :)

McPeake warming up

Accordion and violin - beautiful

Pre-show, show (aka more warming up)
So happy we got there an hour early.

The crowds gather, most with wine or beer, and many with their four-legged friends.

And the sun went down...

Magical music filled the park.

Jess and Tonya

The lead singer encouraged us to do like their homeland Irish folk do, which was drink more and start dancing.
I can't wait for next Wednesday, when we go back to Pastorius Park to see Dukes of Destiny. For more info on the Free Summer Concert Series click here.

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Amy Kitz Studio said...

so fun!! outdoor concerts are the best!