18 July 2010

The 4th in DC

I've been gone for a few weeks now...I've been doing a lot of traveling. I started out in DC the weekend of the 4th of July, then went down the shore for a week with Michael's family.
I tend to get that terrible feeling of return-to-real-life dread on the second to last day of a vaccation. DC was wonderful, but since I was only there for 4 days, the dread came a hell of a lot sooner than usual.
The trip was wonderful though. I finally got to see where Rachel lives, I got hair ripped out of my bikini line (which is just now starting to grow back!!), I got to see DC with more traveled eyes (I am not counting the time I drove all night on a bus to stand, delirious, in sub temperature weather with a ton of angry Catholics), I went kayaking for the first time, and I saw fireworks at the nation's capitol.

Mirror portrait!!
Jana, Ruth, Rachel

Make up in the bathroom.
One can basically see the whole apartment through the magic of mirrors ;)

Rachel lives in a glorious little studio on N street. Her apartment has more closets and mirrors than I could've dreamt of. I loved it. It had a little kitchenette, with a little kitchenette sized stove and dishwasher. Most of her exterior facing walls were lined with windows to flood the room with natural light until some time after 7 (God, I love summer!!!!)

The majority of the streets in DC are named after states, numbers, or letters of the alphabet (above you can see the corner of Maryland and 2nd). It's very cute...almost reminds me of Sesame Street. The row houses, or apartments (not sure which name is official for the region) were all very similar and distinct to the area. We traveled miles around the city in Ruth's car, and they all had very similar architecture to the blue and white homes in the picture. And there were so many beautiful pastel colors...not as much at New Orleans, I am sure, but more than Philly.

We went to Eastern Market (which I kept calling "Easter" market) on Sunday, the 4th. It was towards the end of the day, so we kind of had to fly through, but we bought a carton of blueberries for a dollar! The merchant just wanted to get rid of them. We snaked on some that day, and then had blueberry pancakes the next morning for breakfast. What a great deal! I wish everything were that cheap.

We waited with a wapping ton of people for the fire works to start. The capitol is pictured behind us.

Unfortunately, the fireworks started promptly at 9:10 or 20...I can't remember which. They certainly were beautiful, but since they were broadcasted on television, they had to start on time...not when it was completely dark. So we got to watch with first half with the glow of a pinkish sunset, then the rest against a black sky.

They don't call it the reflecting pool for nothin'

Thanks for the mini vacation, Rach !!

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