22 July 2010

Bravo's "Work Of Art"

Ever think about that defining moment when you decided that you are an artist (for those artists among my readers)? I am not sure if I remember one, or even a few things that I experienced as a child that pin pointed my destiny as an artist. I think what I am trying to say is that I have always been an artist. I wasn't always comfortable, or proud, or brave enough to say it, but I know I have been preparing my whole life to be an artist. (This is kind of a funny though, because I believe that I will continue "preparing" for the rest of my life too. Let's face it, it's not a career like being a doctor or a lawyer...it's so much more beyond that degree.)
I love Bravo's "Work of Art". Yes, there are some fundamental things kind of wrong with the show from an artist's point of view, but I love it. I think that it is really fascinating to watch people go through a creative art process in 12 hours that would take me weeks to go through. I think that it really tests and pushes the contests to their boundaries in the best way possible. Tonight I watched the episode from 7/21 (last night). It was so intense. The challenge was to create a work of art based on that defining moment (or cumulation of moments) you had as a child, that made you the artist you are today. More than one contestant buckled under the pressure, and created less than impressive works; I think I would have struggled. It's such a heavy topic to deal with so quickly and so publicly. But I guess you'd be kind of a dummy to go on a TV show like that without those certain expectations (of basically being stripped naked on national cable television...in a different way than on Top Model).

All in all, the show is an inspiration and thought provoking for a young lonely artist (it's all I have until grad school starts in THIRTY DAYS [!!] ohmygod, I can't wait).

More on Work of Art soon ;)


the Music of the Night said...

Many people have told me about this show! It sounds really interesting!!
I think my defining moment that i finally felt somewhat "like an artist" was at the end of my last semester of painting when my professor called me over to his office while the art show was going on and was like " You've really come out of your shell, both intellectually and artistically. Last Semester I wouldn't have expected any of this from you."
I realllyy respect this professor so I actually felt like I was more then a paint pusher.

but i'm rambling.. mostly cuz i really miss the studio and my instructor and feedback from other artists lol.. I'm sorta jealous of your going to Grad School! lol

Rachel said...

You do love that show!

And I'm loving your new background - vaguely reminiscent of a certain green wallpaper??

Jana Bailey said...

hahah...i don't think I would ever put green leopard print as my background ;)