10 February 2010

When's it going to stop snowing?!?!?

There has been an awful lot of snow fall in the past few days. Saturday 18 inches fell in Philadelphia. Last night the second storm started around 6:30. This one is supposed to last until midnight tonight...leaving another 18 or so inches. I don't know why every one has "eighteen" on the brain. I guess it is just a nice in between number - more than one foot, less than two. The annoying part is it's coming on top of the barely melted last snow.
At least I don't have to work at all today. Tomorrow is a different story. I am going to be so annoyed if I have to go in in the morning. For now, I am going to continue sitting on my couch watching "Honey, I shrunk the Kids" ...For some reason I remember it being a lot better when I was little.


Rachel said...

I feel your pain! I'm so sick of the snow. So I decided to go to the Bahamas next weekend! I'm done having to climb over snow banks to get to work. It looks like the snow just ended here, so you should be out of the woods soon!

Jana Bailey said...

SUCH good new rach! i believe it's too late though...i think there's more than 3 feet out there.