26 February 2010

Amanda Wachob

I have always thought about getting a tattoo, never seriously though. I have a problem with the generic quality of them; even when people get something they drew, designed, or thought up - it still doesn't strike me as that original. Look at this girl's work. I have never seen tattoos like Amanda Wachob creates. I specifically want one of her abstract tattoos. She also seems to do some tattoos with distilled water instead of ink, which has somewhat of an impermanent quality - basically my perfect idea of a tattoo. I think that the one below that is in light red lettering is one of these distilled water tattoos. I love the paint tattoos, because having these marks on me are so normal and natural to begin with. And her background is in painting!!!

View more of her amazing work here: Amanda Wachob Tattoo
Amanda currently works at Dare Devil Tattoo in NYC, and is booked about 3 - 4 months in advance.


niki283 said...


Juliette Crane said...

wow! so fun and fabulous. i used to love decorating my arms with watercolor pencils. perhaps i might need to get those out again this weekend. thanks for the inspiration! xo, juliette

Jana Bailey said...

I thought you'd like this, niki ;)