19 February 2010

Etsy Treasures

Girls and ladies, boys and gentlemen: here are a few beautiful things that I love.

I love small and miniature things. I always have.

Miniature terrariums, miniature pots, miniature gardens miniature glass animals to live in these small places. I just love love love miniatures!

Number one favorite shop on all of Etsy - Tortoise Loves Donkey

Available at Yummy and Company on Etsy

How precious?!?

Wonderful little white rabbit sculpture by Green Swamp Gallery.

Lover's Heart Garden. Available at augury on Etsy. So cute, and such a better idea than flowers for V-day (yes, I know it's past)!!

Moving on to soft things for your head or your bed...

Such beautiful texture. Available at The Home Centric.

I love these. I want one so bad. I think it's the eye that makes these eccentric stuff animals so interesting. There are a lot of them, and they are not all rabbits. Check out Look What I Can Do. And if you ever want to get me something, get me one of these "Look" bunny.

Things to decorate your body :)

Isn't this amazing work?

Beautiful textile creations by Maria João Ribeiro. Shop at kjoo on Etsy.

I have something for single pearl rings. Available on Etsy at artisan impact - lots of beautiful unique jewelry!

Almost as amazing as miniature are castings. A silver walnut?! I love it. Available at Gur Kimel.

Lovely things for your house

Dahl Haus has amazing tea pots and tea cups, for an amazing tea party :)

Circa Ceramics has a more grim little tea cup, but I still love it.

Apparently I really like poppies :) I found this in Peggitha's Pieces on Etsy.

Adorn your walls!

And my second favorite shop on Etsy - Monkeys Always Look. I have purchased these for gifts in the past, and she is a great vendor!

From Gretchen Mist. Amazing artist.

Painter Leah Giberson. Girl, I love your work!!!!

Just look at it. Isn't it wonderful?!

I hope you love these creations as much as I do!
Thank God for Etsy!! Happy Friday!


Bethany said...

Love your etsy pics, esp the garden stuff. Those bunnies are clever and artsy and i love them but don't think I could have one in my house, BECAUSE of the eye!
Thanks for sharing all these goodies!

Curious Designs said...

Wowie that was alotta post. I can't wait to garden!!!

Lemme get an etsy shout out here, dayum!