16 May 2012

post-graduation - I HAVE MY MFA

So, post graduation is worse than I thought.
There is less to look forward to than I realized, and more alone time than I anticipated.

I have very specific ideas about what I want as a money-making time-filler.  I feel as though I have at least a few months before I have to re-evalute them.
I've been submitting applications to dream-jobs (full-time art teacher at a local Friends School), spending lots of time formulating convincing sentences about my teach philosophy, and making the corner spot of my L-shaped couch a little  squishier.
Today, I spent a few hours tearing apart and packing up my studio 813 at PAFA.  It felt like I was putting down a pet, or saying good bye to a friend.  Forever.  My heart is heavy, but I know there's so much more right around the corner.  The option of a shared studio space has me caught between emotions - excitement and fear (of not being able to afford it).

I'm not a self-starter.  You'd think with all this down time I would have gotten all my house painting done, deep-cleaned the wood floors and jumped back into my exercise regiment.

picture via rachelclark twitter

I did get a rejection letter.  Accomplishment?  Sure.

My family-friend graduation weekend was spectacular.  I was terrible - terrible - at taking pictures, but family and friends with awesome-er cameras stepped up.  I've collected a few pictures from the opening and the weekend.
[I always get really upset when I have visitors, and realize that we didn't take enough pictures while they were here.] ...OH well, move forward :)

my wall with Julie Jung (collector) and myself

parents with classmates (and more of my thesis work behind them)

Michael and I

mom and I (I have her blue eyes)


The public opening was extremely overwhelming and crowded.  I didn't expect it to be quite so draining.  Thank you to Michael's father, Rafael and Ruth for taking such great pictures.  The evening included a long and wordy graduation ceremony, a very enthusiastic Pafa alum (who purchased 6 of my pieces, yay!!), and foods upon foods at home with family and friends.  And yes, I did spill red wine on my white dress by the end of the night :)


The next day included cheesesteaks from both Pat's and Geno's (shh!), Reading Terminal, and more drinks and food:

Sunday morning was short and sweet - a walk to and breakfast at Honey's.  It was perfect weather, and I look forward to the day when my childhood friends come back and share more time with me in Philly.

walking - everywhere
smile, rach!
 Friends since 4th grade 

Thanks again for photos from Rachel, Rafael and Ruth!

Looking forward to tomorrow, and the options it's going to bring :)

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the Music of the Night said...

it was a lovely weekend!!! glad you had as much fun as I did! :-) Thanks for showing us the sights!!