23 May 2012

growing green

As my new studio space sits in limbo, while credit checks and paper work gets shuffled, I turn back to my home.  The sun is warmer and up longer.  My plants and trees are happy happy.  I grew some roots on pussy willow branches Michael brought home months ago.  In April, I dug a whole out back and plopped them in.  They are thriving and growing several pointy green leaves.  Strawberries are just as happy, putting out deep pink flowers everyday.  In door plants are going just as well, but will be doing better once my studio clutter is out of the house and back in a studio, where it belongs.  


Attention to my plants doesn't typically waiver.  I enjoy having them around, and taking care of them gives me a small break in my day.  I only wish I didn't have plaster walls and ceilings so I could hang them all over the place.

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