29 February 2012


Weeks ago, I was contacted by one of my deans at Pafa. A proposal came in the form of an e-mail; it almost seemed too good to be true. An offer came from Anthropologie: for starters, Pafa faculty was asked to nominated select students. We were then asked if we were interested in submitting clothing patterns/designs to be selected by Anthropologie which would then made into clothing - to sell in stores. I reluctantly responded that I would be interested in trying my hand at pattern design. Shortly after we returned from Winter break, I was told to come pick up my fabric from Anne's office. I marched up there - or down, rather, for some reason whenever I use an elevator to go floor to floor, I think it's going up.

Anyway, I picked the black jersey (instead of the canvas-colored option). It had a skirt outline traced on it - a square with hips, basically. It had pockets on the bum. I thought it was kind of short for an Anthro silhouette, but got to work nonetheless.
Cut to 2 days later: I've ruined my black fabric. I throw it out, and go get the canvas colored fabric. It worked a little bit better, but I still struggled with the design of it. I didn't want to put one of my paintings, literally, on this skirt. I felt that would cheapen my oil paintings. I was rushed in working on it, and was trying to wait for it to dry in between layers. My head was somewhere torn between pattern and painting, and clothing and art... It was hard. A challenge to say the least.

Second week in February: I see Anne in the lobby of the 4th floor, her arms full of rolled up student pattern submissions. The Anthro reps have just left; they made their selection. She sees me as the elevator door closes, nods her head yes and says quietly, "Anthropologie. You - " And the door closed. I think she said "got it." Oh my God, I almost died.
3 minutes later, I got a call from Pafa's main number. It was Anne. I did get it. I was picked. I couldn't believe it. They actually want to make my pattern into a piece of clothing to sell in their stores! Turns out they loved so many of the patterns, they picked 3 student works, including mine.

So it's gone off to some other country (unfortunately) to be manufactured (hand painted is the word they keep using. Good luck copying this:). My bio and inspiration has been written and turned in, to be formatted on a cute little Anthro tag and hung on my garment. It will be available in Anthropologie stores in June or July 2012. How amazing is that?! That's my big news for the year.

I am so excited.
And so honored to be picked.
And I cannot wait to see it in the flesh.

Here's to more opportunities like this!

struggling to unite the pattern...

it is a continuous pattern from left to right >>>

back panel

front panel

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