03 August 2009

Cherry Ice Cream and Unpacking

I have to say, moving is one of the most exhausting activities I can think of. I do not know how my mother did it more than five times with us kids. I just have my own shit, never mind furniture for an entire house hold, toys and kids clothes... yet. Any way, I am in and painted. I will post pictures of the walls before they were painted, but they were head ache blue. They are two shades of calming sage-marries-chartreuse green now. I have made a small dent in unpacking. More importantly, I have sorted all the boxes and bags and furniture; there are 4 groups: storage, studio, bedroom, and tag sale. YES! TAG SALE. Friday, Saturday and maybe Sunday, depending on how much is left by then. I am so syked. It's gonna be great - I'm getting rid of a ton of stuff, and I'll make a few bucks. God knows I need a few. Anything that doesn't go will be donated or trashed. I am not bringing it back in the house.

We couldn't have had such a seamless move without Michael's good friend, Chris. He helped us by loading his pick up with Michael's heavy, clunky This End Up furniture. We had dinner with Chris and Val on Sunday. I finally got to meet Sandy, their rescue dog. She is wonderful. She looks a little funny right now though. She is a 7-year-old Shepard mix, so she has longer hair. Chris and Val decided to get her a hair cut to help her stay cool this summer. So her hair is very short, and she looks smaller, but she is so pleasant and calm.

I picked up a few treats this evening... I was getting sick of mac and cheese, even though today was the first day I had it. I remember Kraft mac and cheese being the best thing when I was little. I got some nectarines, apples, watermelon, and a pint of blueberries - for ninety-nine cents!! I couldn't believe it. They are normally 3.99!!!! I have no idea why they were so on sale. I even tried one. They are perfect! Juicy and a bit tart, my favorite. I am going to go back and buy 5 more tomorrow. I also got some yummy cherry ice cream. It makes me think of my parents for some reason... I am not sure why. Most important bit of news, that I hope you already caught is studio!!! I have a place to work. Michael and I will be sharing a studio; a basement room in our new residence. He will set up his instruments and recording computer, and I my sewing machine and paints. I just hope we can be good studio mates. It will certainly be the first time we and I work together in he same space. Point being, I will be way down on production for a little while longer, but I assure you, when the work starts coming, you are not going to know what hit you.


Ruth said...

Okay, so I know I've been a terrible communicator lately, but we really need to catch up. If I saw you I might not even recognize you!

the Music of the Night said...

yay! congrats!!!