25 June 2012

quick update

summer time has come with small, intermittent breaks from busy life.  my job is feeling more natural, and less stressful in various ways.  however, it's time consuming and exhausting.  for the first time, i'll be glad when summer is over.  my second job will end in august, and i feel i'll be able to move steadily in the direction of a newly-formed studio practice.
i have various things to look forward to -- a girls night next week, a weekend trip to d.c. in july, and a much needed week in myrtle beach in august (this one still rather pending).
i took a short day trip to the beach on friday.  it was gorgeous, and peaceful, and perfect.  scanning the ground on my walk, i saw so many amazing things.  i can lose track of time most easily on a beach - whether it's trying to take every inch in on a walk, or drifting off to sleep as the waves crash.  it was a nice recharge, and i look forward to my next ultra-mini-pocket-sized-vacation.

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