10 December 2011

tickle tickle

The weaving shadow is a plus.
While making this piece, the words invasion and penetration kept swimming through my head.
I hung it at pelvic height (using my body as the gauge) hoping to bring the viewers' attention to their own body, and what the weirdness of the fingers mean to them and their hips.
In the making process, I had to modify the mold causing each finger to become grossly distorted and altered. The seam could no longer exist perfectly; some of them have beautiful crumbly growths. The amazing distortions conjures body image and body modification ideas. Perhaps even machine-made (as this finger was machine made) versus the hand-made (as the finger is apart of the hand)?
During my end of term review pedophilia was brought up. Something I hadn't considered. But the words invasion and penetration = pedophilia, right? At least in the same verbal family.
Vertebrae was also mentioned. In addition to this piece I also had a movie, and some drawings and paintings. Both the video and the fingers brought an adjacent discussion about aging. As much as my recent work has become about adolescence, going through the changes that the teenage years bring, and maybe eventually settling into a socially acceptable body - modified, of course - it also is starting to bring questions begging the examination of the other end of age; the deterioration that happens near the end. Or even not so close to the end; when we begin to lose the chance to procreate; what happens and what it means.
I haven't yet gone through this, so it is less personal, but I can feel the end coming for some of the elders in my family. I haven't lost a grandmother yet. An event like that, however much I wish for it not to come, will spur this examination on, and on and on.

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